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    I would like to join ;

    Zanpakuto Name:
    Type: Physical/Kido
    Zanpakuto Spirit:A rough Western man with a leather duster that is worn out and a old walking cane. Tanned from westerly winds and with rough hands he gives out a gruff impression.
    Release Command: Roam Vagabundo!
    Shikai details: It is long cane with a symbol resembling a cross between a peace sign and cross at the top of it. When twirled it releases a dust storm that covers the battlefield. It gives the user the ability to see a little bit into the future therefore able to usually counter an enemy's moves.
    Bankai Name :Vagabundo Primos!
    Bankai Details: The cane is now sleek and black. The tips are constantly billowing dust and wild winds and the symbol is now etched in white on top. The user can now see minutes ahead in the future and is able to easily counter/avoid situations.

    I wonder if Keiri will like this....
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