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I'll move this to the in-game team rate section which is the section for advice on your team. I'll mentioned that Feraligatr could use something like ice fang/beam or a physical move (like Crunch) instead of Cut, and having both Waterfall and Surf is a bit odd for it. I'd stick to the former as it's physical and so does more damage from Feraligatr.

I think you can get Fire Punch on Ampharos via the move relearner as well (Blackthorn, give a Heart Scale).

As for training, you have the phone rematch system with trainers (more info here), or wild Pokemon in victory road, or also just battling the E4 over and over until you win and getting some exp that way. If you want to train any weaker Pokemon you can get the Exp Share from Mr Pokemon (give him the Red Scale) to make that easier. And if you want trades (although you do not need to make any to beat the game), try the Quick Trade thread sticky in the Trade Corner section we have.