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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
They're pretty much exactly what you'd expect lol, trolling is a pretty universal practice.

The worst anti-LGBT trolling I've ever seen was in October last year in the lead-up to Spirit Day. Some of the things the people there said were absolutely horrible. People uncensoredly saying that all gay people should do exactly what those poor boys did and kill ourselves. It was really nasty. Even I wasn't able to keep myself from feeding the trolls.
Reading this makes me feel VERY blessed to have gone to the high school I went to. Almost everyone was very open to LGBT people, and whenever someone voiced dissent, they usually were silenced pretty quickly. xD I remember, for instance, when Brokeback Mountain came out. We were having a do-nothing day in history class, and that movie got brought upm and this one guy was being all "God what a gross movie lolol, blah blah blah" and most of the class was pretty much "STFU AND GTFO" xD

Do you have a 'type'? What characteristics do you look for in a partner?

Umm, the only thing I really would look for is that they AREN'T effeminate. :\ Other than that, I am pretty much patient with a lot of different personalities, so until I actually start dating, I don't think I know exactly what I will want in a guy. xD