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    Oh kay people... this place is bursting xD Lemme see now...

    @SkyisUmbreon: Hmmm... I see no problems with your SU. Even though most of the History portion was more like a post than a summary/description that I would've preferred, it's still okay. Accepted.

    @Fearless Love: Yaaaaaaay Jess you joined! 8D Nice SU there. Mallory is accepted! Although, I have a bit of concern over your weapon, while I have no problems, I just want to make sure, are you okay with just having a stake as a weapon? :/ It's gonna be pretty less during the fights... maybe you should add something more? :D Just a thought, I'm just saying.

    GOSH YOU GUYS POST REALLY FAST LMAO. I'ma try and put up a post soon... idk though xD Real life's getting in the way lol.
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