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    For Feraligatr, replace Cut with Ice Fang, Dragon Pulse with Crunch, and Surf with Superpower if you wanna level it up to around level 63 or so.

    For additional team members I recommend Rhydon which you can get before the E4 by capturing and training a Rhyhorn at Victory road which should prove useful against Lance. Have it know Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and preferably Megahorn.

    Also consider Gyarados with the moves Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Waterfall, and Bite, there's also Lapras as well with Ice Beam, Surf, Confuse Ray, and Body Slam if Gyarados doesn't sound that good to you. Also replace Charge with Focus Blast on Ampharos as well. For the final slot I would have to say something along the lines of a Heracross if you can find one. The last slot shouldn't matter that much since you should be set by then hopefully.

    Your entire team team should be around mid to late 40s level wise beforehand too.

    Good luck and may your victory be sweet as can be.