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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
That's because once they try, they become regulars Nica.

Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
1) That's why you make safe predictions early on to properly gauge your opponent's skill. It can be hard, and sometimes they'll surprise you by playing loosely early on, then making great predictions later. Just part of the game.

2) Again, part of the game. It's two sided, so it's basically like life points in Yugioh, without them, you wouldn't have a game, but both players get them and sometimes it comes down to those few points that decide the game. In your battle, I feel like the loose predictions early on are what cost the opponent the match, which is more based on gameplay than game functioning, really.


But yeah, competitive battling may take a bit to pick up, but then again a lot of enjoyable things are. Now with all the simulators everywhere (A new one being here: , which once it's out of private beta again, you don't even have to build a team to battle) it's very easy to get into competitive battling I think.
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