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    Hello everyone, nice to see you have arrived. I hope you enjoy the first installment of this Pokemon fiction of mine, and if you have, please be courteous and offer some feedback. Because if you don't point out my huge, gaping flaws, how will I ever hope to improve? Thanks, very much.

    Summary: Touko, Unova's last hope, lost the final battle, and Ghetsis took over the world, tearing people and Pokemon apart. Touko was locked into Team Plasma's castle and watched as the world burned. Although hope is not yet lost. The world still needs a hero.

    Disclaimer: All characters and related trademark material belong to their rightful owners. The only thing I'm responsible for is writing up this story (and the OC's featured within it) which came out of my cesspool-like mind. Pokemon (c) GameFreak, Nintendo, Junichi Masuda and whoever else.

    Rating: PG-14 for blood and gore. Squeamish folk tread carefully.

    Well then... let's get a crackin' shall we?

    I must be on top of the world right now…

    That's surely what it felt like as I gazed down at the earth below from a pedestal on level with the clouds. It's so amazing, I thought, awestruck, looking down towards the vast expanse of land stretching out endlessly beneath. Thousands of feet below white capped mountains stretched up towards the sky, their peaks pointed towards me. Far beyond that the world sprawled out in large blocks of blue and green land. Raging waves turned in the ocean, leaves stirred softly in the quiet forests. I was astounded… even from this high up every detail, every motion seemed to be unbelievably vivid and defined. Tearing my eyes away for a brief moment I looked forward to the gigantic platform I stood on. It was made of pale blocks of stone with dark ivy crawling through the cracks and nicks in the rock and flowers that hung over on the precipice, bobbing their heads in the wind. This is beautiful, I thought feeling the wind blow by, playing with my hair through invisible fingers. Tears began to well up in my pale eyes as I was overcome by emotion. It's so beautiful.

    A sudden spray of blood shot into the air, staining the pale tile below in arcs of crimson. A horrible, crushing laugh boomed outward, echoing across the vast sky. The bodies of my team, my friends, my Pokémon were scattered about the platform, leaning against ruptured walls, bodies lying in crumpled heaps, all motionless shells of flesh. Each covered in horrible gashes and wounds, each one drenched in blood. My heart came to a stop.

    That's right… my Pokémon died here at the top of the world. And I simply watched as it happened. I failed.

    I turned slowly, across the tarnished stone to the source of the laughter. A dark figure of a man stood there, sneering at the tears in my eyes. His tea-green hair was slicked back, apart from a few stray pieces which stuck outward. A metal patch over his right eye gleamed malevolently red; I could see my own pained reflection in it. He threw his arms outward, parting the robe that he wore. "It's over!"

    No! It can't end here!

    The blocks of stone beneath my feet began to crumble, giving passage to the drop below. I looked down in shock, willing my body to move but it wouldn't respond. I tried to find something to run to, something to grab hold of, someone to help me. Then I saw his face.

    His eyes were almost hidden under the brim of his black hat, but I still saw the sadness and regret emanating from those gray orbs. His jaw was set and his lips were pressed tightly together, as if he was in pain. I reached my hand out to him desperately, begging for help, begging for him to do something, anything!
    He just stood there staring at me remorsefully as I tumbled over the edge.

    I was falling, that much I could be sure of. I could see the ground speeding towards me simply waiting for the moment of impact. It's surprising how something so beautiful like the earth could be the instrument of my death. That was the last thing I thought as I hit the ground and died.

    Chapter One
    I'm alone (… in the burning world)

    The crash was almost deafening in my ears as I toppled out of the warm fabrics of N's bed and smashed my face onto the ground. For the moments following I just sat there crumpled uncomfortably half on and half off the bed. I struggled to pull myself out from the numbness of sleep which still clung to the edges of my mind. I had been dreaming again. Surprisingly the memory still remained crisp in my head, the details-still vivid, the sounds-still ringing through my ears. Even the falling sensation had not completely vanished. I had to give my arm a good pinch to pull back into a solid reality.

    With the heaviest of sighs I hauled myself up on aching limbs, straining to keep my eyes open I looked around the room-analyzing, trying to pick out a human figure (if there even was one around). The room was vacant. There was a faint happiness and relief to know that there were no witnesses to my embarrassing tumble. Although even if someone had been present during my little scene I knew who it would be, and they knew all about the nightmares.

    I stood up not even bothering to toss the blankets back over the bed, it was usually a total mess anyway so I was indifferent. I took the briefest of moments to straighten up the scarlet dress I wore which had twisted around me in some odd way during sleep. Then dragged my weary self over to the far row of outward curving windows, stabbing my foot on a section of toy train track as I went.

    The dream continued to play over and over in my mind like a broken record. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about it. Since the dream was sticking to my memories like glue, horrible glue, I tried to analyze what I could remember, before those memories too disappeared into the thick of my subconscious. While I ran it through my head a couple times I came to a realization that not much had changed from the previous nights where this nightmare had struck. Yes, I was under the plague of a recurring nightmare and until I found some way to get rid of it the terrors would just continually replay themselves over and over in my broken mind. Unfortunately for me I wasn't about to get over these night horrors any time soon. These wretched dreams had plagued me for the better portion of the month, and because of that my sleep patterns became distorted and mangled. I seemed to have dark circles under my eyes almost constantly. I looked almost zombified, good thing I was too depressed to care about my appearance.

    I took a quick glance around the room to make double sure that it was empty. I didn't see anyone; my paranoia was just getting the better of me. Still, looking around the room I was captivated by its beauty. The room was vast and circular, the floor made of coal-black tile, the walls white as cream. The bed I had stumbled out of was located in the dead center of the room. The covers lay strewn all over the circular bed, making it look like a huge mess. Rib like columns lined the walls supporting the ceiling and uniting in a circle right above the bed. My eye brows scrunched together when I turned my gaze from the beautiful design of the room to the piles of toys strewn everywhere, and when I say everywhere I'm not exaggerating…not even a bit. There were so many toys, shoved clumsily in boxes or lying lonely on the floor just waiting to be accidentally stepped on, it was really ridiculous. Plastic robots, action figures, toy trains along with a track to go with them, a basket ball hoop and ball, even on the ceiling chimes with circling Pidove and planes hanging on wires under the gray, dominated the void-like ceiling. With all the toys thrown around everywhere you'd think the room belonged to a five year old, that is if you ignored the elegancy of the rest of the room.

    I took a seat a few feet away from the row of windows. I didn't want to be too close to the edge because even with glass separating my body from the drop below, the height of the room was almost unfathomable. It almost made me feel like I'm on top of the world, and I really hated it. Looking out the row of outward curved windows I could see a large mountain range looming in the far distance. The ground below the tower was nearly barren and lifeless. But there were some forests patching the earth but from this far up they all looked like twigs and sprouts, even the hills and cliffs defining the landscape looked little more than anthills.

    But I wasn't paying attention to any of that, I had seen it so many times before that it induced no feeling out of me. This time over the horizon I could see huge plumes of black smoke bellowing out over the sky just below the crest of mountains. Something was burning out there and to me that meant something was dying. My expression turned bitter as I watched the smoke drift out over the sky. My heart ached with a dull sadness. It hurt because I knew whatever was being burnt to ash in those massive flames below was because of me.
    I may have been sitting there for hours or maybe simple minutes, but the sound of a door opening from the back of the room caught my attention. But I didn't turn to look at who had entered. I already had a good idea who the visitor was. A moment of silence followed before the sound of approaching footsteps drew near. Still I did not turn around. I saw him take a seat beside me out of the corner of my eye. He kept out bodies apart. Neither one of us spoke which invited another wave of silence to settle over the room. The only sound audible was my steady breathing, his body didn't seem to make so much as a muffle. I didn't have the heart to start up a conversation with him, and at the same time I was put as ease by his presence. It was a horrible mixed feeling.

    "The smoke looks nice against the sun set," N said softly, giving me a jolt of surprise. Even though I knew he was bound to say something sooner or later the broken silence startled me. Taking a look through the window to the dead world beyond I saw the dark plumes of smoke framed against a fire-like sky. It did look beautiful… in a horrid sort of way. There was something that had to perish to produce the smoke that tainted the sky, that's what made it so bitter-sweet.
    I gave a vague grunt in agreement.

    "Dinner will be ready soon," He said, not taking his eyes off the distant sky. I turned my head a fraction to get a better look at his face and what expression he may have worn there. His eyes were almost obscured by the bill of his black hat and those wispy green bangs falling over his forehead, I still managed to pick out his stormy-gray eyes. His emotions, whatever he was feeling, were shut under some invisible wall. N was, as usual, unreadable.

    "I'm not hungry," My voice was so quiet and hoarse that I hoped my words were intelligible.

    He delayed his response as if waiting for me to continue, "You haven't been eating much lately, Touko." I almost flinched when he said my name, just the way he said it made it feel like someone took a stab at my heart. Again he was right. I was too depressed to eat. Being locked in his room for days upon endless days, and the horrible nightmares that crept into my head at night added a whole new layer to the malaise I was feeling. I no longer had the desire to eat.

    "Are you alright?" He asked me, turning to look directly into my eyes. I pushed him back with a wall of emptiness, an unresponsive gesture.

    I wanted to shake my head, because I wasn't going to lie to him, but I couldn't move. N knew very well that I wasn't alright. I'm sure he had his suspicions about my nightmares without my having told him prior. I know he heard my cries at night and seen the tears streaming down my face while I slept, but he never brought it up. It made me wonder if perhaps he was waiting for me to do it. But I wasn't going to do that. I didn't want to tell him anything…

    "I'll do anything I can for you Touko." The sincerity in his voice made my heart ache and I couldn't suppress a flinch. I expected him to continue, to say something more, but right then he got up and left the room. I stood there for a moment after hearing the door close, and continued to sit by the windows until the moon rose and sky turned black. The smoke had become obscured by the dark night but the fires that burned in the world below were illuminated anew. N did not return.

    With drooping eyes and a heavy heart I got up from the windows and dragged myself back to bed. I collapsed on the covers in a heap, burying deep into the elegant and colourful fabrics of N's round bed. I had the crazy notion that if I dug down deep enough beneath the sheets then I would never wake up again. N returned before I could knock myself into slumber. But I was hoping that he wouldn't, because sometimes he doesn't, but luck didn't seem to be on my side. Instead I tried to feign slumber and pretend that I was asleep. Whether he bought it or not I'll never know. He seemed to ignore me as he pulled back the covers and crawled beneath the sheets. Well, of course, where else was I supposed to sleep? N only has one bed in his room so we sleep together. Neither of us were bothered by it so we figured it best to leave things as they were. I liked it better that way. The feeling of having another life right beside me as I slept alleviated the sadness that encompassed me so heavily. Without N there I probably would have been devoured by emptiness long ago. It was only a short while later that I really did pass out and fell into another sleep, right where the nightmares were waiting.

    I was on top of the world, hoisted up on the white-stoned platform which had already become drenched in blood. My heart jumped to my throat. Across the pedestal a man with wispy green hair, slicked back to his skull, laughed at me. My own shocked expression was reflected in the metal patch over his eye.

    "Ghetsis," I seethed angrily. I reached for my belt to draw out a Pokémon but my hand grabbed nothingness where I knew my Poke-balls were supposed to be. Again Ghetsis laughed. Beneath the clouds the winds raged in the forests thousands of feet down, tearing loose the fragile leaves and ripping them apart. In the ocean furious waves crashed against the mountains below, grabbing at the peaks, smashing the rocks like brittle bones. The world was crumbling.

    "Where are my Pokémon?" I demanded, startled at their absence.

    "Foolish girl, they're already dead," He mused spreading his arms out at length. In a flash the bodies of my team appeared over the platform, lifeless and still, torn with deep gashes and lacerations. My heart nearly stopped. My team… My Pokémon… they were all dead. I wanted to run to them, I wanted to help them, I wanted to do something-anything! But a crushing hand of sadness that broke my very bones left me immobile.

    Ghetsis laughed again as a large, three headed dragon arose behind him. "You've lost, little girl,"
    The lips of the beast began to shine brightly and I knew an attack was coming. I tried to speak, to choke out an attack or to call out a name. But nothing followed, nothing came. The last thing I saw before Ghetsis' dragon attacked was N's distant face staring at me solemnly from the end of the world. The crash came and I died.

    I could hear screaming bounding off the walls. It took me only a moment to realize that the source of the insane wailing was me. A pair of arms grabbed hold of my body and I lashed out in shock. I was unable to tell if the touch was a dream or reality.

    "Touko!" I heard someone shout and I realized a little too late that it was N who had called my name. I froze, letting him pull me into his arms away from the frigid despair of my dreams. I trembled in fear as he soothed me, the streaks of blood were still vivid in my mind as if even now they were coating the dim walls of N's room. But as he continually stroked my back, soothing me down, the blood faded, the laughter died and I broke down in tears. In response N pulled me close to his body setting up a refuge for my frailty. Shuttering sobs broke from of my lips and tears rolled down my pale cheeks. The memories of the nightmare had branded themselves inside of my head. No matter how hard I closed my eyes or how much I told myself that it was only a dream, the day I lost to Ghetsis continued to play endlessly in my head. That man's horrible laughter was my lullaby into another numb sleep.

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