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Yay, a fic based on Hoenn! Hoenn is my favorite region out of all the other Pokemon regions, so it’s nice to see more fic taking place there.

First thing I want to point out is I totally love the narrator there. I really enjoyed his musings over the LIttleroot and the people there very much. Indeed he should be a writer.

I also like your own spin over some of the things that happened in the games, like Virgil coming out from the moving truck. It bothered me a little as to why a kid is stuck inside there, LOL. The part where Professor Birch gets attacked by Zigzagoon is pretty funny too, although I went “ewwww” when it’s mentioned his leg was amputated. @[email protected]

Couple favorite parts:

No one can remember who they were or where they came from. It's like there's some poison in the air here that fogs up memory!
Considering in the games Wally needed to moved away to someplace with cleaner air, I’ll have to say there is indeed something in Littleroot’s air.

A growl. The black cloud had reassembled itself into zigzagoon form and was snarling with freshly stoked rage. The torchic spread her wings and clawed at the ground, daring the zig to "come at me, bro!"
Again, love how Virgil tells the story so far, haha. Also, imagining Torchic saying that is cuteness overload. XD

So yeah in short already enjoying this story a lot. I haven't read Dant'e Divine Comedy (if what psynaic said this story is loosely based on is true), but that shouldn't stop me from reading your story. Only thing is I too will say next time post the chapter without the spoilers as sometimes the readers might not be able to open the spoilers box if they want to read the story. Looking forward to see what other stuff Virgil has to say about Hoenn!
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