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I wondered if N was still hiding there, but I quickly pushed that thought away, realizing how ridiculous it sounded.
Indeed it sounds ridiculous but still funny imagining that, LOL. It's even funnier when she it Ghetsis (GHETSIS?!) was under there. XD;

"Hey. Touko, try this sausage that looks like an octopus!"
I wouldn't know taste of that either, haha.

Once again icomeanon6 pretty much summed up my thoughts on a chapter, haha. I do want to say though I too like that things are moving a bit and some humor being thrown in. *points to the quote I referenced* :P N and Touko's interactions I enjoyed a lot this chapter and looking forward to more of them warming up to one another. As for the news of the dance, looks like something big is gonna go down, like all stories that features dances. :P

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