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Lol, I kinda wanted to make the history longer but I tried to write it quickly.


Name: Genesis Abercrombie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Legendary: Mew

Appearance: For who Genesis is, it is very easy to describe her. Genesis is a beautiful girl at he height of 5’5” and weighs nearly 110 pounds. She is a Caucasian but her skin is a slight tan-ish color. Her hair is a light blonde with natural dark high lights. Her hair is shoulder-length and her bangs will tend to cover her right eye. Her eyes are a icy-blue but they show her true feelings behind them and her good nature.

On to clothing, Genesis tends to wear skinny jeans as well as some form of T-shirt,usually blue, with a promotion for a band or just plain blue. Her shoes tend to be simple skechers. She’ll tend to have her small, red zip-up hoodie. The only jewelry she really has is an anklet and pendant she got from her mother with a family crest etched in the emerald inside.

Personality: Although it is easier to decribe Genesis’ looks, it is quite the opposite. She is a intelligent, loving person who loves her family and her pokemon. She is kind to all of her friends and she’ll sometimes care about someone she just met.

She however has two other sides, one being her shyness. She may always talk to people she knows but she nearly never talks to someone she just met unless she had to. She never really understands that side but she has gotten over it a bit lately.

Her third side however is quite the opposite of these two. It only comes out at somethings but it is still apart of her. It is her anger and hate. She’ll only gets this way if someone has hurt her or her friends, family, and pokemon.

History: Genesis was born in a town near Viridian where she eventually moved to. She grew up her with her parents and of course, her older brother James. She grew up as nearly every other kid in the Kanto region. She had received her first pokemon, Harmony, when she graduated her middle school at 12. She went ton to High School as a popular kid and graduated with above average marks and learned to battle. It was, as stated before, rather normal. After she graduated, however, it grew rather hard.

Her parents had signed her up for both martial arts and fencing before she was allowed to actually start her journey. She successfully passed both and received two dual katanas as well as her parents permission to leave. With those, she left. She like everyone else, had rivals on her journey. She came across them occasionally as she traveled through Kanto. She even fought two of them in the Kanto League where she placed in the Top 16.

She then moved on to Hoenn where she to surpassed her rivals and beat them all as well as most of the trainers she came across, save a few experienced trainers. She reached the Semifinals here but came to a loss when the opposing trainer used their Umbreon to counter Harmony. She has now found herself in Balice City among the survivors.

Weapon Preferences: Two dual Katanas she received when she finished martial arts and fencing as well as a AK74u she learned to use the hard way after picking it up from the back of a police officer’s car.

1st – Espeon
Nickname: Harmony
Type: Psychic
Nature: Harmony is very loving to Kellyn and trusts him completely. She tends to be more careful than most pokemon.
Moves: Psychic, Swift, Morning Sun, Psybeam, Iron Tail, Zen Headbutt, Giga Impact

2nd - Staraptor
Nickname: Starstripe
Type: Normal/Flying
Nature: He can be brave but tends to stick by Kellyn's side, fixing his plans or helping him make one.
Moves: Fly, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Rest, Pursuit, Sky Attack

3rd - Raichu
Nickname: Jolt
Type: Electric
Nature: She is docile and loving to many she meets.
Moves: Thunder, Volt tackle, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave, Wish, Toxic, Electro Ball

She has multiple others in a PC box but doesn’t want any more to come out than she has too in this town of hell.
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