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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
great info. thnks for the update. the digivolutions for Jyarimon look great. great idea on using the stones as the digieggs.
i think u should since itll be interesting :D

...wait what! he armor digivolves. now il make it my job to get him in the game & see who he armor digivolves in :D
this is keep getting better every time i read what you add.
Yeah Wormmon digivolves into Shadramon and Owlmon, with the egg of courage and love respectively. They will be the next sprites I add in. I wish there was a sprite for his friendship evolution, but it was never included in any of the games.

Originally Posted by aimax View Post
maybe this would help u...
and try this game...
link in description...or this directly
before start new game u can press F1 for info like digivolution, it would trigger ur idea in digivolution perhaps...
Thanks for those. I already use WTW, though not as much as Digimon Wikipedia; however, I scanned through their main page thanks to you and realized they have some information that could help with digivice information and such. So I really appreciate that. I would download that game, but my average internet connection on a good day is 5Kb/s (I wish I was exaggerating) and it drops very often, so large downloads rarely finish. I'll try to get it by other means though. Thanks again.
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