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    Originally Posted by {Swan} View Post
    I'd say a world after a Great War would be an awesome thing to play with, but not after things have subsided, that would completely defeat the purpose. I mean imagine a world just recovering from such a thing, with the craters from the bombs still in the ground, the trenches still dug, the people still in poverty and relying on a government to make it all better again. A government that might not have the well-being of the people in their interests. Now that is a setting you could really play with.
    I whole-heartedly agree with this. However, I don't see why anyone would go out on a Pokémon journey in something similar to post-WWI Europe (although with a proper reason (ie. not money)) I'm sure it could work.

    And personally, I don't really understand how Arceus is a bad thing in an RP… he's the freaking God of Pokémon, I get it, underplay or overplay him and you destroy your credibility… but I believe I could work wonders using him as a short-lived major plot device.

    Anyways, it seems like there's about to be a surplus of journey RPs (not that I'm complaining since I love them), but maybe I should go with the Digimon one to bring out something with less competition… I'm sure I'll post my journey concept here at some point. Besides, I'm way more willing to let Christmas kill a Digimon RP than a Pokémon one… x3

    @Nakuzami: The spirits are the things that let the Digi-destined turn into Digimon in the fourth season… it's farfetch'd taking the rest of the series into consideration but hell, it's canon.