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Originally Posted by darkprince909 View Post
i need some help with the world map, namely telling the game which world map to pull up. i used some of the maps from the sevii islands (firered btw) for some of the towns and routes for the main region. i got all the fly points to work fine when im in a town that was already linked to map 1 (kanto), and can fly to these towns just fine. however, when im in one of those towns or routes, it still calls up the map it used to be on (sevii island [insert here]). i need to know how to make it call up the map i need when im in these places, because it'd be a major pain for the player to have to go to the next route over or wherever in order to fly where they need to go. thanks in advance

edit: ive already looked at the world map editor and the normal header tab in advancemap, and i cant find anything that looks like what i need. ill check real quick in professional header view though..
I'm not sure how/ if you can change the world map you can see depending on which map you're in, but you can make it appear like all of the cites are sharing the same map. You should only do this if you aren't using the Sevii Island world maps (which it sounds like you don't need). By repointing the Sevii Islands world map data to that of Kanto's, every map will look and perform the same, allowing you to fly from one city to another regardless of which world map they are supposed to be in.

First up, you need to have the maps look the same, which means repointing the tilemaps of the Sevii Islands to Kanto's tilemap data. You can find a pointer to Kanto's tilemap in a HEX editor at 0x3035C so copy it down somewhere. Take that pointer and then replace the pointers at 0xC0370 (Islands 1-3), 0xC0388 (Islands 4 and 5) and 0xC03A4 (Islands 6 and 7) with it, depending on which maps you wish to change. If you look at the world maps in A-Map's world map viewer at this point in time, you will be able to see that background of the maps have changed, but the location markers are still the same. In order for this to work, the location markers should be the exact same as the Kanto world map. You will need to change these either by hand in the world map editor or you can once again have the ROM take the data of Kanto's world map and apply it to the Islands. In your HEX Editor change the pointers found at 0xC419C (Islands 1-3), 0xC41A4 (Islands 4 and 5) 0xC41CC (Islands 6 and 7) so that they point to 0x3F2490.

Now when you check the map in A-Map's world map editor the locations markers in the Sevii Island maps should now mirror that of Kanto's. Regardless of where you are in-game it should display Kanto's world map and include the flying positions of any Sevii Island towns and vice-versa.

Originally Posted by Kudo View Post
I've been editing some text in Firered with hex offsets not listed in Advance Text.
So far I've been taking nearby offsets listed in Advance-Text, used them to find the text converted from hex to (Poke)ASCII in XSE's hex viewer, and then manually changed them with a hex editor.

To be blunt, is there an easier way to edit such text?
And for reference, is there a list somewhere with the conversion of hex to (Poke)ASCII? So far I've only listed out BB-EE as letters, 00 as space (obviously), and a few other things (new line, semicolon, player name pointer, rival name pointer, etc.)- knowing what some other symbols and pointers are would be nice.
This thread has a list of HEX values and what they correlate to in a spoiler during the first post. C+P it's contents and save it in a notepad file. You can use a HEX editor like Translhextion to work off this table file in it's ASCII column which should be a lot easier to work with than XSE's HEX editor (which was really only designed for small jobs) :P