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    YES FINALLY I FIND THIS! Dawn funclub <3!!!!
    1-Why you like Dawn so much?
    2-Your favourite of Dawn's Pokémon:
    3-Your favourite of Dawn's outfits:

    1) LOL, huh dont know even how to explaine! Awesome friendliness,care and cool feelings! And Personality pfff it is THE BEST! For me, she is my favorite character for sure! She make Sinnoh more intresting to watch. Also of course her look is so-so cool! You know, She is beautiful and cute :D and she is realy cares about her pokemon.

    2) PIPLUP!! Idk why, but he always make me laugh and I take enjoy while looking at his actions !
    Also he help Dawn to win many times ! Like for exmaple when Piplup won May's eevee!

    3)Hmm outfits, I think Snowpoint city shows best outfits of her.

    Plz let me in, I love her so much O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!