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In the modern world, it is common to see terrorism, murder, drug abuse, domestic violence, suicide, and all sorts of other unpleasant things discussed in everyday life. And yet, sex, a perfectly natural thing, does not show up nearly as often as any of those in public conversation.

Why is sex so "tabooed", and do you think it should be? What is the cause of this? It could be the media, the rule of "no sex before marriage" imposed by certain religions, or something else. How freely should we be able to talk about sex without going into too much detail (but again, why?) in public, if at all? Should young children be aware of what sex is, and who should make them aware; their peers, teachers or guardians? When should sexual education start? Finally, why do we have a legal age of sexual consent, and if you had the ability to, would you change this age in your own country?

Please don't answer these questions individually, and please keep the discussion mature. This isn't about your sex life, but your thoughts on the material earlier in this post.

**Thread is about a touchy subject. Expect heightened Moderation**