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I think it's less of an issue of giving into being a "slave to your body", as Trance and Moss put it, and more a situation of just wanting to have some fun. Especially as kids. I can't personally see why there's any issue with going on natural urges since generally what your gut feeling is telling you to do is the most fun thing to do. And don't we all want to have some fun?

Originally Posted by Thrash
The other day, my six year-old little brother came home from school and said, "I did sex today". Baffled, my mother asked him to repeat what he said to make sure she heard him right, and she did. We all did. When asked what he knew about sex, he responded with "it's when a boy and a girl lay down together and make noise like ahh ah ahh". Sure, he's not exactly accurate, but it's the fact in the matter that he learned something like that from a kid in his class--a kid who's more than likely the same age as him. My mom was downright furious and decided she was going to have a word with my brother's teacher.
I had a great laugh at this. But honestly, that makes me question why we bother hiding anything. Whatever parents and teachers don't tell them, peers will, and as demonstrated here, what peers say is often wrong. Isn't it better to teach the kids this sort of stuff early so that they don't get the wrong information from their peers?
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