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A few minutes ago a couple of us were discussing how they think that OU is easier than other tiers. The reasons they mentioned were that the Pokemon were already good, that the Pokemon are so common in that tier, that the "good" teams are already defined to an extent, where not really that many new strategies can be created without conforming to the norm, and that the "good" Pokemon will always be used simply because they're good and not much can change.

What's your views? Do you feel that OU Pokemon make battling too easy, and that at this point new strategies are harder to develop? Do you think that the lower tiers are easier because they are used less and there are more likely to be undiscovered strategies or potential? Do you think that even though you're good at OU you're not necessarily a great battler unless you can master the lower "harder" tiers? These are all questions to base your responses on, so feel free to discuss!

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