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Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
When I get into this I can really play it for hours on end, it's such a great logical game.
That was my problem with this game. I have played several files since I last played this one.

And since I got a reply so fast I'm going to post Update 33 as well.

Update 33 - Improving Finances

Oh look even more Settlers.

Over there looks like a very good spot for my next city.

And now for a Longbowman to defend those newer cities.

And with our coffers in the red, we need to build one of these Courthouses to cut maintenance costs.

This Great Prophet came at a very good time.

Holy building for the Islamic religion in the game. Grants me gold for each city with Islam.

And we have another Great Prophet. This may put us in the green.

It wasn't enough, so we'll have to adjust our finances.

End Update 33.

Update 34 may be coming within the next week.
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