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    Gym Attempts and Shattered Minds

    His head was broken.


    The psychic force had all but shattered his mind in that split second. If the psychic pokemon had been aiming for anything other than unconsciousness he would have become a vegetable. It's true, the doctor told him so.

    "You're quite lucky, Mr. Tess. Anything stronger and you wouldn't be of sound mind or even aware."


    "Hope that ass can't see for week's outta that eye," Shaun hissed, wincing a bit as a spike of pain shot through his skull. He brought the ice pack to his head, relaxing in the chair of the small medic room. He was still at the station and was 'lucky he wasn't being charged with assault' or some bullshit.

    "What about that punk Andrew?" Shaun demanded. "He tried to fucking murder me!"

    The man currently dabbing at the teeth wounds on his shoulder from the mightyena at the pokemon center sighed. "Confidentiality," he said, voice tired, almost as if he had too much on his mind.

    Shaun narrowed his eyes at the man. He had a buzz cut with the beginning of a beard on his white face. The brown fuzz signified that the man hadn't been home for a while or hasn't had enough time to properly take care of himself. He scowled and averted his eyes, only to see the same tired look on two passing female cops. They all looked exhausted, and was that shame in that dark look of theirs?

    "If I were you," the man continued, "I would forget this ever happened and focus on this little journey of yours. Believe me, you need to focus and have all the luck in the world."

    Shaun drew away quickly, bandage almost coming off from the man's small grip. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he snarled, glaring into hazel eyes.

    "Don't try and play dumb, kid." The voice was as tired as ever. "We both know this rehab reject thing this a joke." And now the eyes were averted, ashamed and filled with pity. "So stupid, sending people like you on this screwball of a journey."

    Shaun was unrelenting with his glare, fury trying to blow the man's face up or something, but he just shoved his washed black shirt over his head and stormed out. He fumbled with his belt as he brushed rudely past the onlookers and out of the station. They had oh so nicely given him back his pokemon.

    "Fuuuck," Shaun breathed, eyes wide and hands grasping his hair and pulled. His head felt like it would split in two. At that moment he loathed psychic type pokemon. He had already hated cops, so now he had another thing right up there on his list to hate. Reading his mind, invading his privacy. "Screw you!" Shaun yelled, middle finger high in the air and pointed at the station. The people around him paused, staring at him in shock, bemusement, disgust and a whole array of other emotions that Shaun didn't give a shit about. "Taxi!" he roared, waving angrily as he neared the street.

    It passed him by.

    "Son. Of. A. Bitch." Shaun glared at the offending car. Whatever, Granite Town was not a goddamn town, it was a freaking city with large buildings and skyscrapers and all sorts of big time city bullshit stuff. So there had to be more. "Taxi!" he roared once more, waving violently as another one came driving down.

    It passed him by.

    He spat to the side, huffing, too angry to vocalize his anger. Finally, giving up and realizing that no one would pick up someone as livid looking as he was he stalked away, ignoring the people staring and the towering presence of the police station with its paid off cops and psychic pokemon.


    It took an hour to find the right subway to get to the gym. He wanted out of this damn city and he wanted it now, and the only way he could do that was get the badge. Thankfully the money in his trainer account was accessed from his pokedex. All it took was a quick scan and bam – done. If he didn't have the worst migraine in the history of forever and had been thinking straight he would have looked into how much he had and take a moment to think about the necessities he really needed to buy.

    Instead the hour long subway made its way to the middle of the city and he stalked off and up the stairs to the outside world. The stairs smelled like piss and it only increased his agitation.

    "Hey, you know where the gym is?" He decided the best way to find it was just to ask. He had already asked and they told him his stop had been Quartz (was this town named after every damn stone?) and that it was only a few minutes walk.

    The woman he asked, startled by the rude tone, blinked at him slowly and stared, seemingly thinking about whether or not she should answer him. It seemed she decided the best way to get rid of him was to just tell him what he wanted to know. "Straight down two blocks," she gestured. "There're a few restaurants and once you hit Persian Licks it'll be there on the right."

    "Thanks." It was bit out and forced but Shaun didn't care. He would never see that woman again. Hell, she hadn't even heard since she was already walking away before it even left his lips.

    He took off down the road, feeling sick with all the noise and activity. It looked as if he were in the busier part of the city. There seemed to be just as many shops jam packed into the area as there were people. Fancy, colorful shops blinded him as pushed through, each one selling some amazing item for pokemon or human, clothing, food and even rocks, though since the town revolved around stones and granite and all sorts of earthy metal whatever it wasn't too surprising.

    When Shaun had finally made his way to the gym he didn't bother to study at its looks. He stormed in, fury radiating off of him in waves. His appearance was probably horrifying – a half dead trainer with a look that clearly meant murder. The few people that were standing about backed up, watching warily as he all but stood over the receptionist.

    "Gym. Now!" he barked. His eyebrows scrunched together and his eyes were wide as he spat out the words, looking more and more like the deranged hoodlum people perceived him as.

    The woman, a short brunette with piss color eyes hidden behind square glasses, jumped. She gapped for a moment, clearly taken aback. "Ap-appoin-ment?" she squeaked.

    His face scrunched up. You had to make an appointment for these damn things? He didn't have the time for that sort of bullshit. "I don't have time for that," he snapped. "I need to get the hell out of this damn city and do this stupid journey you people keep pushing on me!" By the end he was shouting, shoulders sagging with exhaustion and anger. He didn't want to be here, damn it.

    "What, exactly, going on here?" A smooth voice cut through the whispering the other trainers were making as they stared at Shaun in disgust and shock. They couldn't believe how rude this person was, storming into a gym like that.

    Shaun turned, face dark. His hair flopped over his eyes and he angrily brushed them away, revealing dark circles and eyes pink. "Who are you?" he demanded, teeth gritting. He felt like a wild animal and wanted to kick and punch and even bite shit.

    The man had steel colored hair and strong chin. His hard face didn't have a single wrinkle and while he certainly wasn't young he certainly wasn't old despite the odd color hair. Shaun had only ever seen the older crowd with that sort of color but this man looked maybe late thirties. He wore dark green pants with combat boots with a tool belt and a simple black shirt with the large red logo of Aggron Rust, a clothing company that was simply AR in fancy lettering.

    He frowned heavily, eyes hard and slightly scarred muscular arms folding as he surveyed the enraged teen. "The name is Tyre." There was the curve of a sneer. He looked Shaun up and down before it rested on his left ankle. His pants had ridden up and the tracer was visible. His eyes softened for a brief moment only to harden once more. "And I am the gym leader." His voice was harsh and sort of scratchy, almost as if he had been breathing in dust for a long time. "I don't take kindly to brats like you storming into my gym and harassing my employees."

    "I'm here for a badge," Shaun stated, ignoring everything the man just said. There was a desperate gleam in his eyes.

    Tyre sighed. "If you want to battle me you have to make an appointment. I get challenges all the time. You honestly think just anybody can walk in and I'm free? What the hell makes you think you're so special? And until show a little respect I have the right to deny your request."

    "You can't do that!"

    "I can," was the morose reply.

    "Like hell you can!" Shaun roared, raising his shoulders as he glared at the gym leader. The man was maybe two inches taller than him so he had to look up a bit. "You think I really wanna be here?" he demanded loudly, face dripping sweat and his head pounding.

    Tyre's face darkened. "If you don't want to battle a gym leader for the respect and strength then get ou– "

    "Yea, like I can really do that!" Shaun snarled. "You people just can't throw guys like me into this damned test only to deny me a fucking badge!" He pointed at the gym leader, body heaving. "You can't," he repeated, breathing heavy and voice finally quieting. "You can't throw people like me who don't even want to be here into this world and then toss me out or give me some damn time limit. I already have one. Get eight stupid metal disks before the year is up or go to prison. How fucked up is that?"

    The area was silent. They all stared at the exhausted teen, not entirely sure what to do.

    "Come with me." Shaun jumped. It had been so quiet and Tyre's tone had changed. He stared at the gym leader as he walked away, only to turn and say, "Well, are you coming?"

    For the first time Shaun felt weary. All the adrenaline and tough guy shit was leaving him. He followed slowly, unaware of all the following eyes. He rubbed at his throbbing head as he walked into some sort of arena. There was a balcony of seats above the professional battle stadium and there were a few people sitting there, chatting amiably to one another only to lean forward in interest as the two entered.

    "I naturally assume from your theatrics you have yet to challenge a single gym leader?" Tyre called to Shaun on the other side.

    Dropping his bag to the ground Shaun warily rubbed at his head, wishing he could just crawl in a hole and get away from all this. "No," he answered shortly.

    Tyre nodded knowingly. "And how many pokemon?"


    "How many days have you been training?"

    Shaun frowned. "What?"

    The man sighed. "When did you receive a starter pokemon and trainer license?"

    "Uh, what's the date?"

    A few chuckles were heard from the small crowd up above. The gym leader and Shaun ignored them. "It is the fifth of November," he said, voice not at all mocking. In fact it sounded as if he understood that people in the training business often lost track of time and what day it was.

    Shaun grimaced. How long had he been in that mountain? "I started on the first." God, five days already and he could barely remember how they had even passed. And to think he had to travel all over the stinking region before November first of next year.

    Tyre nodded thoughtfully. "You will use all three against my one. If you can defeat my pokemon you receive a badge. Simple enough?"

    "Yea, sure."

    Tyre frowned. "Let us hope that this journey of yours teaches you some manners." Shaun only made a disgusted face. Snorting, the gym leader rolled a blue and white sphere in his hand for a moment before tossing it into the air.

    It soared high into the air, spinning for a brief moment before it burst open and released the pokemon within with a blast of white light. The figure that began to form was somewhat small, had a narrow head, one long sharp claw per hand that appeared to be a narrow wing and a long fin on its back like a sharpedo. It flexed its arms and shifted its spiky blue legs. Yellow piercing eyes glared at Shaun before it opened its shark like mouth and let out a guttural roar that sent shivers down the backs of all within the stadium.

    Shaun stared, wide eyed at the beast.

    "This town was created when nomads saw a meteor crash to earth," Tyre commented. "The meteor is still in this town for all to see the history and understand there are things outside of just this one planet. It had a strange effect on the earth based pokemon that had steel, ground or rock elements. And because of that I specialize in those three elements. You clearly aren't a foreigner from one of those simple regions that are based around only one element or only one set of levels. You know that our region is hard, and while that may be a set back for someone who doesn't wish to be on this journey, the harshness of our region will help you grow far more than any of the other main regions could. Now release your pokemon."

    Swallowing, Shaun felt at his belt, only to pause. Which one was which? ****. "Uh, crap!" Grabbing the middle ball he tossed it high, watching it spin before it burst open and released the hunched form of his Sableye.

    The pokemon quirked its head, gem eyes glinting and razor sharp teeth shining with drool. It opened its mouth wide and stretched out its long tongue. "Saaa!" it crooned, impish chuckles escaping it. It still wore the makeshift necklace with the ghost gem.

    The land shark pokemon snorted and stomped forward, clearly unimpressed by the strange display. "Gaabite!" it roared, arms stretched out and sharp wings pointed towards the gem stealing pokemon.

    "Interesting find," Tyre commented. "You must have travelled deep into the mountain to get a sableye."

    "Unfortunately," Shaun muttered.

    Tyre's eyes flashed for a moment before he gave his pokemon his full attention. "Gabite, start off with Sand Tomb."

    The blue beast grinned widely, sharp teeth glinting. It raised its single left claw high into the air. With a glare with it yellow eyes it slammed the claw down into the ground, breaking it and sending energy through the earth. The ground shifted in a way that even Shaun felt it and, with a loud bang, the ground beneath Sableye burst up and a miniature sandstorm swirled around the purple pokemon.

    "Sab!" the imp creature cried out, trying to stray away from the swirling vortex, only to hiss in pain as it brushed up against the sharp sand. "Ly! Ly!" it called out, looking back at Shaun, clearly waiting for some sort of help or command.

    "Just break out of it!" Shaun yelled. Crap, crap, crap. What were its attacks again? He looked over his struggling pokemon as it clawed at the vortex. "Jump out and Scratch!" At the barked out command Sableye gave a startled twitch. Sneering, it instead opened its mouth and put its head right into the vortex, swallowing the harsh attack. The swirling sand went right into its mouth. "Son… son of a bitch…" Shaun watched, almost bemused, as his pokemon literally swallowed the attack.

    "La!" Sableye called triumphantly as it turned to Shaun, raising a claw into the air in victory only to cry out. In a blur like speed the gabite had Sableye pinned to the ground, its single sharp claws scratching at the gems. "Sablyye!" Sableye yelped, scratching furiously at the draconic head as it nibbled at his chest.

    "Shit," Shaun swore, ignoring Tyre's warning look at his language. "Ah, uh, Night Shade!" he finally shouted, remembering at least something.

    With a deranged hiss, the gems used as eyes glowed an ominous grey. The gabite, its mouth still nibbling at the gems, paused for a moment, its yellow eyes going wide. With a jolt it jumped off with a loud yowl. It shook its head wildly and gripped the strange jet like horns on the side of its head and gave a loud whimper.

    "Bitch stole my necklace!" Shaun shouted, pointing at the gem necklace hanging on one of the sand sharks spikes.

    "Slyy!" Sableye hissed in outrage, jumping up and down in a tantrum at having its treasure stolen.

    "Gabite are known for collecting and stealing shiny things such as jewelry and even trash," Tyre said, folding his arms disapprovingly. "And unless you clean up your language I'm cancelling this battle."

    Shaun scowled. "Another Nigh Shade," he ordered, voice deadly.

    With a demonic hiss Gabite was once more shaking its head in pain, eyes squeezing shut and mouth gapping as it tried to fight the mental onslaught. "Gite," it hissed back once the onslaught had stopped. Its eyes snapped open and it spread its arms with a guttural roar. "Gaabite!"

    Sableye, clearly intimidated, backed up in a defensive position. Its mouth was open as it panted and for the first time Shaun noticed that its entire mouth was raw and bleeding, most likely from the eaten ground attack.

    "Gabite, finish this. Use Dragon Rage."

    Dragon what? "Another Night Shade!" Shaun barked.

    His pokemon reacted quickly, its eyes glowing as it glared down the sand shark. The gabite winced visibly but now with a command it ignored the attack. Its jaw opened wide, purple and blue fire burning inside of its mouth. With a deep breath it blew out in a blast of swirling draconic flames. It shot out in a beam like state and blasted right into Sableye where it erupted into dark purple flames. It burned away at the ghostly hide and initiated shrieks of pure pain from the smaller pokemon.

    The light burned at Shaun's eyes and his head throbbed. He turned away, holding his head in his hands and fell to his knees. He shut his eyes, wondering if he would vomit. He didn't, and when he finally looked up Tyre was striding forward, a worried expression taking over his usual look of disapprove.

    "Back off!" Shaun snapped, wiping his sweaty face with his arm and setting a glare on his face. "I still have two more!" Fumbling for his pokeball – and almost dropping it twice – he managed a shaky "Return." Sableye, lying face down with his mouth wide open and oozing blood and saliva, was transformed into a beam of light and returned to the monster ball.

    There was a heavy frown of the gym leader's face. "I think we need to stop," he said slowly, "before you end up more hurt than you already are. Your head… you were attacked by a psychic?"

    Shaun made what sounded like a hissing noise before dropping Sableye's poke ball on his bag and throwing a random poke ball into the air. It spun in an arc before it burst open. The blinding flash irritated Shaun's vision but he stood anyways, ignoring it. With the same frown Tyre retreated back to his spot and watched the bulky form of Rhyhorn appear.

    The large rock monster blinked slowly, eyes staring down the gabite with beady eyes, mouth already drooling and teeth glinting. It gave a disdainful snort and looked about, grunting as it took in its surroundings.

    "Another interesting find," Tyre mused. "How deep in the mountain were you?"

    "Charge it!" Shaun yelled, not hearing a thing. He didn't know any of the beasts attack but if a simple 'punch it!' worked for Riolu it should work for this pokemon, right.

    Rhyhorn snarled and spun around, glaring at Shaun. It jutted its horn up in anger and stomped the ground. It let out a baleful roar, nearly deafening the audience and nearly sending Shaun into the world of unconsciousness, before it charged, its footsteps sounding like thunder.

    Shaun moaned, sinking to the ground. He felt like he could no longer care if he was in the world of the living. His head hurt too much, he didn't want to be here and this was such bullshit.

    Rhyhorn was charging like a rage filled demon, feet creating small creases in the ground, saliva dripping as it stared hungrily at Shaun and red eyes wide. It was getting close, the audience talking loudly and some even screaming in shock at the display. There were of course instances that a pokemon sometimes turned on the trainer, but to see one in a gym battle with such a creature? Would this boy even survive?

    "GABITE!" With a roar just as loud and an explosion that literally destroyed the earth, Rhyhorn shot through the air, the ground below it erupting in lava and large boulders. Gabite was standing on all fours, two claws dug into the ground and yellow eyes glowing with power as it controlled the blast.

    The rock horned pokemon flew high, chips of its body falling apart, and fell to the ground in a loud crash that created a good sized hole. It was unconscious.

    Shaun leaned back on the ground, eyes half lidded. Had he really just seen that? He glanced away watching the gym leader talking on his cell phone in quick, hurried whispers to his dangerous pokemon. The lava was cooling already and hardening. The heat in the gym had risen slightly but was returning to normal rather fast.

    "Re-return," Shaun muttered, feeling bitter.

    "That's enough." Tyre was once more marching towards Shaun. Behind him the assistant from behind the desk in the main lobby of the gym was running after the gym leader. There was a hassled expression on her face as she handed Tyre a pink and white cherish ball. He took it without even a glance, far too focused with the sick teen on his floor.

    Shaun grit his teeth. "On-one more! Damn it, I can't lose!"

    "It's over, kid." He tossed the different monster ball into the air. It burst open and formed a rather plump pokemon. It was pink with sort of frills as large ears, a stubby tail and wide smile. It looked up at its trainer before glancing down at Shaun. The smile disappeared and was replaced with a look of worry. "Chansey, the boy has been attacked by a psychic. I want you to heal his mind."

    Up above on the balcony some people had taken out there pokedex's or cell phones and were recording everything, muttering to one another.

    "Back off!" Shaun snarled, quickly dropping his last poke ball. It rolled on the ground pathetically, still just as dusty and old looking as when he had first received it, and burst into a bright flash of white light.

    Blinking large red eyes Riolu appeared and surveyed the area, arms flexing in preparation. It noticed Shaun on the ground and it barked in worry. "Ri! Riolu!" It ran at Shaun, paws reaching out to grab his trainer and find out what was wrong but Shaun's hand shot out and pushed the blue furred pokemon back.

    "Fight," he grit out. "That thing." He pointed at the gabite. It had been left standing awkwardly, shifting a bit as it didn't know what to do with the makeshift necklace still in its mouth.

    "Rio," Riolu murmured, unsure as it took in Shaun's weary form. The dark teen was sitting on the ground, face with wet with sweat, hair falling over his eyes and hands gripping his head. "Lu," he tried to plead, taking another step toward his trainer.

    "Do what I say!" Shaun roared, finally snapping.

    The blue furred pokemon jumped back, the black appendages lifting as it stared at Shaun in shock. Its red eyes narrowed and gave a disgusted sniff. "Ro," Riolu spat, huffing. With a quick twist it was speeding past Tyre and the chansey toward the land shark pokemon.

    "That is enough!" Tyre roared, patience finally gone. "This battle is now forfeit!"

    "Be-beat it!" Shaun snarled. No, this battle couldn't be over. He had to finish this!

    "Rio!" Riolu yelled. The black appendages were stiff as it took in Shaun's rage. With a loud shout the small fighting type jumped high, fist out as it fell towards Gabite.

    The dragon pokemon sneered. With a simple slashing movement it struck Riolu as he fell near and sent him bouncing across the ground. "Bite gab," Gabite huffed, rolling its eyes at the weaker pokemon.

    Shaun watched, whatever bit of hope he had left fading. "No," he hissed. "No!" Tyre finally reached Shaun and hauled the teen up.

    "Chansey, Heal Pulse," he murmered, staring at Shaun worriedly.

    "Get away!" Shaun shouted, shoving the man off of him. "I don't want you people messing with me!"

    At the sound of his trainers' distress, Riolu heaved himself up, gritting his teeth in agony. That claw was strong. "Luior rio!" Riolu barked at the gym leader, growling loudly as he ran once more at the dragon pokemon.

    Tyre sighed, watching the display. Sometimes the loyalty of a pokemon was really bothersome. Whether it was misplaced or they were just too stubborn things always went wrong. "Gabite, Fire Blast," he said with finality.

    The air began to heat up once more as the ground shark took in a deep breath, red chest expanding and arms stretching. It paused for a moment, watching Riolu charge with a battle roar, fist glowing with blue aura energy, before it breathed out. Swirling fire that instantly made the occupants in the room begin to sweat charged at Riolu like a sonic beam. The blast of red and orange flames began to stretch into the form of a kanji like star. The large burst of flames slammed into the young fighting type, sending Riolu flying back as the flames burned away at his body.

    "Luu," the pokemon moaned, body covered in burns and smoke still rising from it. It coughed harshly, eyes closing.

    It was down.

    It was down.

    Fuck! Shaun could feel bile rising. He spat to the side. He had lost. He had lost, damn it!

    A harsh hand grabbed him by the shirt and held him still. "Chansey, now."

    "Back off," Shaun bit out, struggling weakly. "It-it's not over!"

    "It's over, kid," was the somber reply.

    The pink pokemon placed its hands on Shaun's head, their touch soothing, and before the teen knew it his head was swimming once more. It felt like he was underwater. It felt as if his body was swaying to a gentle tide of water and he was falling deeper and deeper as the seconds progressed.

    "N-no," Shaun whispered, for the first time not hiding his fear. He was tired of people messing with him.

    "Chaa chaa chaa," the healing pokemon sang soothingly, petting his head softly. Pink waves floated about his head, slowly taking away the pain. Shaun watched warily, eyes half lidded and vision a complete blur.

    "Sto – damn it, stop!" Shaun finally roared, pushing away and falling flat on his back. A loud explosion followed his exclamation and both Chansey and the gym leader jumped back, exclamations of surprise coming from them as the ground was left slightly destroyed and smoking near where they had been standing. Shaun turned his head to the side.

    Riolu was still lying on the ground, fur completely singed. Its right paw was raised slightly, pointing forward with blue aura energy surrounding it. It glared at Tyre, and despite its weak state its expression was strong.

    "Gabite!" With an angry roar the land shark slammed its claw into the down pokemon, enraged that someone had attacked its trainer.

    "That's enough!" Tyre barked at his pokemon. With a hiss of disdain the gabite backed off, leaving the hurt pokemon mewling in pain.

    Slowly, Shaun rose, hand grasping his head. The headache was still there but it was tolerable. It no longer felt as if his head was about to be split open. He looked down at his pokemon.

    "It's still awake," he said needlessly, voice low.

    "Not for long," Tyre stated. He was staring at the fighting pokemon with a look Shaun couldn't identify before he looked back at him. "You're coming with me." Shaun started. "I do not tolerate your kind of behavior but I tolerate psychics breaking into the minds of trainers even less. I need you to tell me what happened."

    His hand gripped harshly at his hair. "And if I don't feel like telling you?" he mocked, body shaking. He was tired and he felt like – "Blergh!" Yea, there it finally was.

    There was an exclamation of shocked and disgusted calls from the watchers.

    "Oh my god, did you see that?"

    "Shit, dude, some guy just vomited. Yea, I'm telling the truth!"

    "Ew, someone get him to a hospital!"

    Shaun wiped at his mouth in disgust. He was breathing heavily as he raised his pokeball. It shot out a beam of light and sucked in his extremely hurt pokemon. Still shaking, Shaun leant forward and grabbed his bag. "Fuck this," he hissed. "Fuck all of you!"
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