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    Hmm sex probably is not as common as terrorism, murder, drug abuse, domestic violence, and suicide because sex is a personal thing between two people (or more I suppose) and you should have the choice whether or not to talk about it if you desire. Doesn't mean anyone is going to listen nor care. As stated before, we don't want to hear about it but we also don't need to know what you ate last night, etc. End of Story. (Probably should have worded that better)

    You should be able to talk about sex as freely as you wish. I'm not saying this is socially acceptable, in which case it is not, but nothing should stop you from talking about it just as nothing should stop you from talking about your relationships. Honestly, if someone randomly walks up to me and points out a man that they had intercourse with the other night and went into detail, that may disturb me a small amount but that's freedom of speech right there. It's not like she said she was going to kill me or anything. There's no hidden threat. To me, if you say someone should not be able to talk about something, that goes against certain rights, depending on what it is. Sex is natural and apart of life, just as food and clothes and should be treated as such. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Children need to be educated about sex at an early age. I can't even emphasize this enough. Parents need to learn how to be a parent and start teaching their children about sex. That means that when they start asking them what's what, they should not skip over the "Private parts" but treat it as any other body part. It also means that they need to teach them about STD's and protection.

    I also think that if both partners consent to sex, it should be legal. This is their decision. No one else's. Who are you to decide for them? It's their body. Not yours.
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