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    Today I bring to you a small hack of Fire Red. What does this hack have that's special?

    This is the normal Fire Red experience, but with a twist: a pokemon that faints and remains fainted by the end of the battle, or faints in the overworld disappears from your party forever. Also, you can only save and quit, not just save, and your save is deleted whenever you load, so save is only a way to continue between save sessions.

    As save quits always, trading is not possible.

    You can revive your pokemon in-battle, but revives are not sold on shops until Indigo Plateau.

    I could show screenshots, but they would be normal play screen shots. The only way to really see this hack in action is by playing it.

    Total changes made:
    • ASM to erase save after load/ game over
    • ASM to clean party pokemon after fainted, on map and party screen load.
    • Introduced the missing kanto pokemon, as rare encounters on specific maps
    • Removed revives from shops all around, and increased their price.
    PS: Also, there are some "bugs" left around intentionally that allow for a pokemon to be saved after fainting in the Overworld.
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