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Hey everyone, it's been a while. Right now activities are at a lull with my projects due to IRL, so now it's a good time to just hunker down and throw everything into a thread. Note that these are not all Pokemon, I've been busy in other games lately.

Here's a link to everything I'm talking about:!OI91hCTb!07Tsx9_auVpG1ksRFUDgsA

I'm gonna start with the stuff for Pokemon and then do the rest. And before anyone asks, these are completed!

Hoenn Dex Edition/Pokemon Emerald National Dex:
Sort of like the Throwback or Ultra Violet to Pokemon Emerald. Instead of throwing in a difficult 500+ all Gen VII mechanic Pokefest, these adhere to fixing stuff and just making things available. Like it says on the tin: Hoenn Dex has all the Hoenn Dex, National Dex has all the National Dex. ND also has a "light" version that doesn't alter trainers, as the other basically just did replacements for the sake of making the added Pokemon look welcome. No damage split, no new moves, no new Pokemon. Just what you need to finish the game without hacking it yourself.

Evolution junk:
Machoke, Graveler, and Kadabra evolve by happiness.
Scyther evolves at level 26.
Haunter evolves by happiness in the nighttime.
Feebas evolves by happiness in the daytime. (I have reasons for this explained in the readme docs)
Onix evolves at level 45.
Poliwhirl evolves to Politoed at level 35.
Porygon evolves at level 24.
Slowpoke (to Slowking) and Seadra evolve with Water Stone.
Clamperl evolves via Happiness; Huntail at night and Gorebyss at day.

Other stuff this does:
-Running indoors is possible as long as you have the Running Shoes, just like in later games.
-Hackmew’s RNG fix and Pomeg Berry fix.
-Pokemon originally in Ruby and Sapphire but not in Emerald (Lunatone, Zangoose, Meditite, Surskit, and Roselia) are restored but in a limited fashion: all of them are in the first area they appear in those games.
-Treecko is found in Petalburg Woods, Mudkip when surfing on Petalburg City’s water, and Torchic in Granite Cave where you give Steven the letter.
-Feebas can be fished out of Route 114 with a Good Rod. This was introduced for pure convenience.
-The trade in Battle Frontier was altered to give you Jirachi. Meowth has been moved to the Safari Zone.
-The Battle Frontier’s PokeMart has been altered: the actual clerk now sells every TM in the game, and the girl beside him sells Evolutionary Stones and every Berry in the game.
-Every instance of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS has been removed except for a few scant exceptions.
-Ferry Events work now, tickets can be found around Hoenn in normal item pickups. I’m not saying where, but they’re pretty easy to find!
-The last Rival battle uses the fully evolved Starter, because you never got to even see it otherwise.
Some things in Pokemon Emerald that were changed to green for no reason have been converted to their original colors.
-Improved Pokemon sprites, animations and all.
-A few optional patches: actually notice when it’s day and night, Uncensor trainer sprites, input a few newer game mechanics, or make Emerald a tiny bit more like Ruby and Sapphire! More information in the included FAQ.

And in National Dex:
-All 386 Pokemon are obtainable. A location list is included in the download.
-When you receive your Pokedex, it is automatically the National Dex. No separate upgrading events required at all!
-Every trainer has been altered in some way.
-Additional optional patches that enable the previous generations’ starters.

A couple of notes about stuff I know are left out, one of these days I'll get A-Map working in Wineskin or some such:

-Postgame Fossil Maniac still says FossilS.
-The Lilycove City Pokemart Ladies are kinda wonky.
-Sometimes, Pokenav is PokeNav.
-Deyoxs Speed's backsprite is kinda wonky. If anyone knows a way around this let me know, as of now the only way I can think of to get around this is to implement form change for Deoxys, and I'm really unsure about doing that in a hack with this focus.
-National Dex has no additional events for Legendaries (you can get them elsewhere). This is partially intentional as I want the availability of legends to be on par with the rest of them, maybe someday I'll set up some encounters with flags attached, IDK.

Stone Clones:
A bit of an experiment, this hack makes up four new evolution stones for trade evolving Pokemon. Copies of the already existing items Ruby, Sapphire, Dragon Scale, and Up-Grade are made using already present and/or dummied out existing data, meaning no free space is used outside of relevant modifications. There is a version for a clean Emerald ROM, and one for both Hoenn and National Dex that uses decapped item names and modifications made exclusively for it.

Also effected are a Mart or two and some Wild Pokemon’s hold items.

Originally used for testing scripts for a very old and long dead and buried patch, Fire Red 251 eventually became a hack that tries to be as low-key as possible with it’s modifications, while improving the game for the better. It's kinda able to be compared to Throwback, but there are very large differences. There are a lot of things it doesn't do that FR251 does and vice versa. Stuff it does:

-Take away various attempts to make the game’s normal Trainer battles easier.
-Fix out-of-place Pokemon in Gym Leaders’ teams.
-Slightly update later Leaders to a higher difficulty, hopefully to match the other Pokemon games released at this time. Later important battles are rather in need of an improvement when you look at them.
-Restore excluded items and balls in a way that doesn’t hinder the original gameplay.
-Fix glitches present in the original game.
-Restore gambling references completely. There are extra patches included that restore other well-known localization changes.
-General ease-of-life improvements such as deleted intros before Professor Oak or upon continuing, a new “stone” for trade evolutions, deletion of tutorial text, and running indoors.
-Make all the first 251 Pokemon available (plus Azurill and Wynaut), bringing FireRed’s roster as it should had it been a single game.
-Improved Pokemon Sprites.
-De-capitalization of text.
-A variety of optional patches. Play the game with new Hidden Power mechanics, run from the very start, or open up the Regional Dex to fully include the evolutions blocked from you.

There is no damage split, there are no new moves or Pokemon.

This is an addendum for Pokemon Throwback which throws in some parts of FR251, mostly what made the latter more difficult (though Throwback is still easy). It was basically born out of pure “why not?” Works with all configurations, except Unofficial Throwback for an as-of-yet unknown reason (tkim's updated Throwback works, just not unofficial):

-Added all fixed/more difficult trainers of FR251, including Gym Leaders, Admins/Gideon, and SelfDestruct restoration. There's a txt file with these changes lined out.
-The flashback feature, otherwise known as the journal, that pops up whenever you load a save has been disabled.
-When a new save is generated, the PC box system will cycle through all available wallpapers for every box as opposed to the first four. This results in every box in the PC looking different.
-Zubat/Golbat/Crobat's Supersonic learning place has been restored to its earlier Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald spot.
-CoolTrainers are now Ace Trainers, Cool Couples are now Ace Duos.

Other patches:
-Alt Champion Rematch is the same as FR251, it uses a completely revamped rematch of the Champion.
-Stone Evolution Movesets enables Pokemon evolutions that only have a bunch of Level 1 moves to learn the moveset of their previous form after Level 1.
-Cap Patch capitalizes Ace Trainer and Ace Duo, for those who aren’t using a Decapitalization patch.
-Anti-Float lowers Geodude, Voltorb, and Electrode’s sprites back down to the battlefield so they’re no longer hanging in air. This is more of a nitpick and can be easily done by anyone, but Throwback has its own graphical fixes so why not?

tkim's bugfixed Throwback works, unofficial right now seems to have a very specific bug when slecting a starter.


CTBugfix (Chrono Trigger, SNES):
My current focus once I'm back up and running, this patch is geared towards fixing bugs and patching up script inconsistencies or censorship. The aim is to preserve the original translation while generally improving the game as a whole. The readme is rather exhaustive as over time this has grown pretty large, but for a quick rundown...

-Completely decapitalized names in dialogue.
-No more indentation of normal dialogue in textboxes.
-Fixes to gameplay bugs, such as Targeting AI.
-Restoration of alcohol, prayer, entities, you name it!
-Minor restoration of points Chrono Cross brings up that were present in the original, just not in the localization.

These patches inside are 100% complete. However, I am planning on adding MSU-1 and FMVs when qwertymodo's project is complete. There is also a standalone version planned which will alter 600 AD to match Frog's speech pattern, and a small update will happen before then.

Oh, also these are BPS format which is nonstandard for PokeCommunity (granted, we probably should be using them due to small size but eh). Apply these with Floating IPS, MultiPatch, or Beat.

TSFix (Final Fantasy IX, PS1):
My attempt at fixing Steiner's Thunder Slash, by shifting it's damage formula to Magic Weapon. This is based on looking at his other Sword Arts and Beatrix's version of Thunder Slash, it appears that the issue is the formula rather than the accuracy as it was for some reason a Thunder-elemental Demi spell.

FFTA stuff worth saving (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, GBA):
This collection of patches is full of edits to your starting setup in the game. The name is because these were salvaged from a very old hack attempt of mine for the game.

-Alternate Party: remixes the beginning party in a way that shakes things up a little, but keeps the original’s versatility.
-Marche Jobs: sets Marche’s Job to what name it states on the patch from the start (any Hume job), but with equipment to match the low level of Marche’s original kit.

FFT Name Fix (Final Fantasy Tactics, PS1):
This is a relatively simple hack that fixes Ability, Equipment, Job/Monster, Treasure, and Unexplored Land names in Final Fantasy Tactics to something a bit more recognizable with today’s FF terms. This is meant to be done without affecting the original translation much as well as fixing translation errors, so the plot dialog has not been changed. Because of this the name changes are not 100% the same as War of the Lions: this patch uses a few WOTL terms, but also many already existing FF terms as sources. Most of the terms lifted are those in the GBA and PS1 eras to provide some familiarity with the games it was made around, as well as the originally used Japanese names.

Spell Quotes and the like were also changed to reflect these alterations, along with a few fixes to such.

A text file has been provided with all the changes, as well as .ffttext files for those who wish to use this in making further edits or their own projects.

Soooo there you have it! If you have any questions, shoot them to me. Since this got submitted to Tools, if you'd like to use any of these feel free to do so.


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Current status: Able to work very slowly, in a couple days will be back to somewhat normal; CT patch is getting a small update before 600 AD work begins.

Oh, one thing I forgot to note (but has been noted to me a lot); all Emerald patches and FR251 use space that the damage split standalone patches you see around here take up. That doesn't mean it's not compatible, you're just going to have to apply the hacks differently. Honestly, when talking freespace it's a bit jumbled up in there.

FR251 will not work with MrDollSteak's base for the same reason, but I have absolutely no clue whatsoever about the newer Emerald battle engine as these Emerald projects started before that (and quite honestly, I'm absolutely floored by it's existence. Dang, Emerald has done a lot while I've been away). Let me know if it jives!

I saw your projects on and I honestly like them, specially the patch that swaps Emerald Brendan and May with more RS-like versions of their costumes.
Pretty good stuff dude, nice work :)
Thank you!


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CTBugfix updated; mostly typos and other minor things, but a lot of minor things. This is basically to set up the base for 600 AD so I don't need to add in these fixes again later.

(Oh and BTW, I use code tags and get into detail with in-game text edits for multiple purposes).
Luccas Workshop:
Taban: Oh, youre just in time!{null}
Guardia Kings Chamber (Middle Ages}:
Oh, {Crono}
Ive let down my kingdom.{full break}
Since we cannot locate Cyrus, our sole
hope rests on the boy who has the
Heros Medal{full break}
He searches the southern continent
for the sword that can defeat

Im so ashamed {full break}
I treated him badly, thinking he was
just some brat.{full break}
Luckily, he forgave me.
A Hero, HE IS.{null}

(Note: Im going with what Frog calls it at the end of his flashback.  Theres too little space to add the s to the accessory itself.)
Guardia Barracks (Middle Ages):
Heard something bout a Hero showing
Arris Dome:
{Lucca}: We came from the Ruins to
the west. Why do you ask?{null}

You can reach the continent to the
south through the Sewer Access,
but stay off of {1}Death Peak.{2}
Thats the disasters source!{null}
Sandorino Inn:
They stopped {Magus}.{full break}
Now that its safe Im enjoying my
red wine!
Its good for your heart, you know!{null}

(Note: I should probably mention here that the localized line talked about orange juice and Vitamin C.  I stuck really close to this.)
Denandoro Cave of the Masamune:
Mune: Hey, theyre pretty tough!{null}
Reborn Epoch:
{Marle}: {PC1}!
Hit the A Button, quick!{null}

{Lucca}: {PC1}!
Hit the A Button, quick!{null}

{Robo}: {PC1}!
Please press the A Button!{null}

{Frog}: {PC1}!
Me thinketh, tis the A Button!{null}

(I do not see Aylas line for this specific function, I guess she cant really make anything of it!)
West Cape:
Toma: You guys are a riot a minute!
The booze is always the best when
youre around.{full break} 
See ya!{null}
Lavos Tunnel:
{Frog}: Tis most disturbing.
This place be fouler than even the lair
of {Magus}{null}
-Removed a two space indent in the beginning of a line in Truce Canyon Portal.
-Removed a line break when Ayla asks for your name.
-Fixed Luccas Workshop having no music in some patches. You wouldnt have really noticed it due to it being on the world map, though.
-Forced Temporal Flux to re-save Valkyrie and Triple Raid to hopefully fix issues (The former had a space after it, the latter was displaying weirdly when the learnt message popped up but was working correctly.)
-Debuggest>Debugger EX

SkyDark patches only:
-Changed Lightning to Sky in the Dragon Tank Owners Manual.

Not fixed/cannot be fixed:
-Not sure about Triple Raid yet.
-Maguss indents I do not think I can really fix, it appears to be a product of the scripting that isnt a line break?
-I cant appear to find the Ocean Palace indents. Ive looked through the throne room and time freeze, that could also be the same thing as above.
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Hi, I wanted to let you know that I will be repointing all offsets starting from 0x750000 to 0x740000 for the Official Throwback only sometime this month. Your stone evolution movesets patch should work 100% by then, but make sure not to use anywhere from 0x740000-0x74FFFF if you want to maintain full compatibility in the future.


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Sorry for the late replies, all!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I will be repointing all offsets starting from 0x750000 to 0x740000 for the Official Throwback only sometime this month. Your stone evolution movesets patch should work 100% by then, but make sure not to use anywhere from 0x740000-0x74FFFF if you want to maintain full compatibility in the future.
Hey, thanks a lot! I'll definitely be making a note of that in the readme soon.

Okay, I've repointed everything from 0x750000 down to 0x740000. By the way, you mentioned in your FRoback that Cool Trainer Owen's Nidorino's and Nidorina's movesets were switched. But Owen doesn't have those Pokemon as far as I know...
I'll make a mental note to look through a trainer editor and check up on the name. There is a cooltrainer with a bugged moveset in FR of exactly that description in the trainer lineup, but I basically copypasted it from FR251's readme.

Hi Chrono, i like what are you working on (especially 251) but can you decap the menu and yes/no for 251? (i know that it's because of your preference but i hope that you consider it)
If I ever come back around, I'll definitely consider both the menu and multichoices. That's on the docket, along with attempting to fold in the black screen fix somehow (might result in the main patch being a BPS if that ever happens).
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If I ever come back around, I'll definitely consider both the menu and multichoices. That's on the docket, along with attempting to fold in the black screen fix somehow (might result in the main patch being a BPS if that ever happens).
Thanks! This patch is really good for base (i'll try to do romhack someday after i know what i'm doing)


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No fixes to Emerald, but I got a report about Deoxys Speed having a backsprite issue. I'm unsure if I can fix this or not within the confines of the hack's focus; it appears that Deoxys forms share the same positioning data due to Speed being registered as an animation frame of normal. This results in speed's backsprite being really high.

The only way around this I can think of without effecting the Normal form's sprite is to implement form changes for Deoxys to Speed/Defense/Attack/Normal. While this sounds really cool I'm completely unsure about things like trading, and more importantly I don't think it's "kosher" so to speak when talking about the scope range of Hoenn and National Dex. If anyone else wants to take a crack at this, be my guest though!


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CTBugfix updated again. There will be more to follow tomorrow hopefully, but this is the meatiest part. It all has to do with item description fixes.

-On the whole, elemental resistant armor is more consistent in descriptions.
-The word hits is no longer used in these descriptions. Taking the lead from Safe Helm, it now reads damage across the board.
-Armor that resists an element by a percentage now says Cuts (element) damage by (percentage).
-Only armor that heals from damage says absorbs, vests now say cuts.
-There isnt enough room for Taban Vest/Suit to carry these however. Or at least I believe there isnt. I've at least changed the "fire guard up" thing to "50%/90% "Fire" dam. cut" respectively.
-Unified Mg Defense and the like to be more like how I fixed Magic Wall, fixes Vigil Hat's description being the wrong kind of defense.
-Protects/Locks status>Prevents all status. I don't think that Lavos's removal of this benefit will be able to carry this.
-Fixed a spacing issue or three.

-The same goes for weapons that hit Magic enemies; Hit is a statistic found in item descriptions, so its best to replace this with damage for consistencys sake.
-Also, Magic instead of Mg in these descriptions. Yes, it is extra damage towards those that are magical. Magical may be a little too big, however.
-Hero in the new Masamune's description is capitalized, to carry over the earlier 600 AD event fixes.
-Fixed a spacing issue in Rainbow's description.

-Magic/Power Seals description now correctly uses a slash.

Barrier and Shield have the hits to damage thing too.

For example

Ruby Armor: Cuts Fire damage by 80%
Blue Mail/Plate: Absorbs Water damage
Red Vest: Cuts Fire damage by 50%
Nova Armor and Amulet: Prevents all status
Vigil Hat: Mag. Def. +9/Prevents all status
Demon Edge/Zanmato: 1.5x damage to Magic enemies


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Aaaand a couple days more isn't too bad for the next CTBugfix promise.

-Fixed a couple lines in 600 AD, which were using the wrong tense in the localization.
Theyre going to build a Town Square,
with the hope that peace will last for
many years to come.{null}

And theyll name it after Queen Leene.{null}
-Added a standalone build for use in the SNES Classic's native emulator, Canoe. Please read that rtf in the folder before using. Also note that though I can't personally test for Canoe, this fix has been made, tested, and verified good to go by many Canoe users. After the 600 AD project is done, I'll bring it up to the rest of the patches (no bugs though, it's still pretty recent).


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Are you sure Unofficial FRoback works? I patched it over Unofficial Throwback and the game freezes after obtaining a Pokemon.
Sorry about the late reply! You need to use it with tkim's updated version of the original, not unofficial throwback. At least for now. I updated the RHDN page but I completely forgot about the OP here.

This is a thing I've brought up in the Throwback thread a while ago, because FRoback doesn't mess with events at all let alone the very start (I'm thinking only the base might be doing it which is weirder). If anyone has any insight on this issue give me a holler. My only theory is that one of Unofficial's changes is causing the combo to break, but I have no clue how that could be either.


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FR251 updated:
-New Black Jynx patch, it's much less bad. Big thanks to SCD for the sprite edits and to ShadowOne333 for putting it in patch form. A later update may also include a patch that brings back the original FR sprites thanks to him (I know that some weren't appreciative of the replacements, so it's something to look out for).

Hoenn Dex Edition and Pokemon Emerald National Dex updated:
-Added Black Jynx patch. Now, I know that Ruby/Sapphire onward had Jynx the same internationally but it's basically the Emerald version of FR251's. Yep, it's got animation frames. Big thanks to SCD for sprite edits and to ShadowOne333 for putting it in patch form.

EDIT: The Black Jynx patch has been found out to be behind a gamebreaking bug. Fix is coming ASAP.


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RHDN decided to time out right when I was going to post there, so in the meantime I'll update progress with CTBugfix 7 here. This update will not come out soon, I do not think so anyway. There are plenty of lines to update (and keep in mind, I'll be doing this six times each).

Magus title: In addressing a strange issue due to the limitations of both the game and the english translation, I'll be using The Fiendlord for Magus's name in the Middle ages and the Present where it fits. I'll also be renaming the Mystics to Fiends (the reason why Fiendlord even worked, and as it turns out Mystic is a censored form of this due to Fiend being a synonym of demon). I have tried other alternatives (Mystic Lord, Demons/Demonlord) but none of them stuck like Slattery's usage. There will also be an offhand reference to this in the cove. Magus's name will be used all other times, and also in places like Medina, Magus's generals, and the Cathedral's chanting room.

There will not be a version that omits these changes. It's simply too large.

Quotation marks: someone brought this up to me. Quotation marks around items is something that really isn't needed in the script at all. I'm looking into this, but I'm not going to do it unless it can be consistent (the tutorial about status effects is the big one here).

Liberties Extended: These patches will be receiving a minor overhaul, in that more item names will be updated in kind (only in these patches). While I'm not sure about just how many, if something can improved by it I will make an attempt. I'll be using LethargicOwl's item names as inspiration here, though I won't be defaulting to DS at all.

Other stuff:
-P.E. no longer has that strange page break in the castle.
-Spelling fixes in the tale about Cyrus, Magus's edited lines in the Lavos Core battle, the ending, and in the Genocidome.
-The readme document will be an ODF. No reason to keep an RTF around after a computer switch to Windows.


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Long time no post.

Hoenn Dex Edition/Pokemon Emerald National Dex: Missing Move Patch has been removed, Abridged MMP was renamed to Missing Move Patch. Seems that even after redoing it completely and checking the pointers by hand, bugs still crept into this optional patch. IMO Abridged was the better product anyway, so I'm not really shedding any tears over this. I have no plans to come back around to do this again, someone else can take a crack at the DX and event moves if they wish.

CTBugfix: Oh so many things. The time menu has been edited, there is now MSU-1 compatibility, and many others. Honestly too much to list here. Canoe has been all-but retired.
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Hi! I've been playing the Emerald Hoenn dex edition and I love it, it's everything I've ever wanted in a pokemon game.

The being said, I'd like to ask if anyone has caught a Meowth, I've been in the safari zone for several days and can't find one. If possible, I'd like to know in which area it appears in and at what rate?

Thank you for this amazing game!