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    Hamstring Infiltration
    A mafia-based forum game

    Peace is no longer an option at the planet chain of Larus. The otherwise impeccable defense mechanisms have been bypassed by intruders! They hail from a distant galaxy, Muntarica, and decided to carry out their conquest with a cunning ploy; they blend in amongst the locals and are already part of the community. Now, it's up to you to fight alongside the Larussians and defend the planet chain, or help the Muntarican intruders seize victory!

    This forum game is popular in other boards, and has been really addictive once it got normally started. Hamstring Infiltration is a game of logic and deception.
    The Larussian team starts from majority while trying to figure out who the invaders are among them, also having received aid from their elites. They try to eliminate the Muntaricans by voting who to kill, risking an ally being voted as well. They win when all threats have been eliminated.

    The Muntarican team starts from minority while trying to blend in by confusing and deceiving the rest of the players, also having received aid from their elites. They know who they are among the players as well. They eliminate a player from the Larussian team through feasting on them, while trying to avoid being voted for death, until they are majority. They win when their numbers are equal to the numbers of the Larussian team or greater.

    Sometimes, neutral beings interfere, giving an interesting outcome to the game, as each and every one of the neutral team are unique and their winning conditions differ.


    • Signup
    This is where members sign up for their participation in the game. To sign up, you must post in the reception thread after a new game has been registered at the first post. Make sure to read the rules for the correct format of posting to sign up. Signup phase ends when there are enough participants signed up for the game.
    However, people can still post to sign up after this phase is over, because their votes will count as replacements and so the whole process can be sped up.
    • Configuration
    After Signup phase ends, a PM will be sent to all those who signed up from the game host, asking them to reply, so that they confirm. The reply must be made within 24 hours of send date. This process takes away inactive players and replaces them, so that all participants can play. Should an individual not reply within the time limit, the game will go through Signup phase again until the get replaced, then Configuration phase commences again.
    • Role Presentation
    After all participants have configured their PMs, the game host moves on to distributing the roles that he/she decided to put into the game to the players. The Game thread will be created and each role will have a number next to it. Each player will receive a PM with a number corresponding to a certain role, and once they have it and understand their role, they must reply with a VM or PM saying that they confirm the role.
    • Game Start
    After all roles have been confirmed, this is where the real game starts in the game thread and players start posting there. The game consists of four phases that are repeatable until victory for either the Larussians or the Muntaricans (and maybe the neutrals).
    • Dawning
    • Dayline
    • Dusk
    • Night
    Dawning phase lasts 42 hours normally. During that time, the players post on the game thread about their thoughts, plans and also do their voting on who to kill that specific day. The Larussian team is trying to snitch out the Muntarican one while the latter act like them and turn the pointer towards innocents. Read the rules on the correct format to vote.

    Dayline phase is short (2 hours). During that time, the players can still discuss but the player that is about to be killed is already decided by majority of the votes. Executing force-kill by majority of the votes can end the Dawning phase earlier, so that the day can end faster.

    Dusk phase is the 'time of the truth'. It lasts 2 hours and during that time players still discuss but not vote as during this time the dominant vote brings justice upon the one that had been voted the most, and is killed.

    Night phase is where Night moves take action from both sides. It lasts 24 hours and during that time no one must talk on the game thread, as everyone is considered to be asleep. Still, every elite-type of player can PM the game host with their respective Night Move and their target. The Muntarican team must also communicate using Quicktopic (or a with a way outside the game and reception threads) and decide who to feast on every night; then one of them must send a PM to the game host, describing their target. Results of Night moves are shown the next day. When Night phase ends, the next day begins with the notification of the event results and the circle continues.
    • Victory
    When either side wins with their respective winning conditions the game ends and the winners' usernames are added to the Hall of Fame. The game thread is closed and a new Signup phase soon begins for the next game.

    Game roles

    Civilian (Votekill, day move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, the Civilians discuss who to eliminate by killing.
    • During Night, the civilians are asleep and unaware of the events occuring.
    • Can target any participant, including self, as well as cast a null vote.
    Droid Patrol (Watch, night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Droid Patrol acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Droid Patrol is patrolling the vicinity. It can choose someone to watch after, and find out where they belong.
    • Droid Patrol learns of the target's allegiance (Larussian, Muntarican or Neutral) the following day.
    • Can target any participant, excluding self.

    Nursenator (Aid, night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Nursenator acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Nursenator can heal someone's injuries.
    • Target will be untapped. If untapped, nothing happens.
    • Can target any participant, excluding self.

    Defender (Ion skin, passive night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Defender acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Defender passively neglects night moves targeting it (excluding feasting from the Muntarican team)

    Vilatose (Perishot, night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Vilatose acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Vilatose can hurt someone using its long claws.
    • Perishot taps the target. If already tapped before Perishot, the target dies from injuries.
    • Can target any participant, excluding self.

    Rupturist (Double Death, day move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Rupturist acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Rupturist is also asleep, like all Civilians.
    • Double Death can only be activated during Dawning/Dayline, and only when the majority of the votes nominates Rupturist.
    • Rupturist kills both itself and its target.
    • Can target any participant, excluding self.

    Raider (Feast, night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, the Raiders act as Civilians.
    • During Night, the Raiders meet together, chattering about their plans and deciding who to feast on.
    • Feast can target any participant not on the Muntarican team.

    Paralizard (Graze, night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Paralizard acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Paralizard is also a Raider.
    • During Night, Paralizard can stun a target, cancelling their night move (if they were going to do any that night)
    • Can target any participant, excluding self.

    Vanisher (Sneak, passive night move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Vanisher acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Vanisher is also a Raider.
    • Vanisher's movements can avoid detection, ignoring night moves that include tapping, targeting it.
    • Vanisher appears as part of the Larussian team, if watched by Droid Patrol.

    Bombardine (Double Death, day move)
    • During Dawning/Dayline, Bombardine acts as a Civilian.
    • During Night, Bombardine is also a Raider.
    • Double Death can only be activated during Dawning/Dayline, and only when the majority of the votes nominates Bombardine.
    • Bombardine kills both itself and its target.
    • Can target any participant, excluding participants of the Muntarican team and self.

    None thus far.

    The list will be often expanded. Not all roles are included in every game.

    -Day moves are submitted to the game host in the form of PM during Dawning/Dayline phase of each day.
    -Night moves are submitted to the game host in the form of PM during Night phase of each day.
    -All participants begin untapped; if tapped by a move, the participant is considered injured. If tapped again, the player is eliminated.


    • Posting Rules
      • Always remember that this game is bound under the global PC rules and the OT rules.
      • In the Reception thread, you are allowed to post anything about the game in general; suggestions, questions, feedback, information. However, on the Game thread posting is strictly prohibited to participants only, and they must ONLY talk about strategy, hints and tallying votes.
      • You may claim your role. Provided you come up with a believable story/excuse/argument, you can claim a role in public on the game thread during posting period, anytime. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be believed.
      • Signing up must have this exact format, or your signup will not be counted (copy and paste it): Ikh 'al Araige
      • Voting must only be executed with the following format: the name of the one you want to vote for killing in red (example: kill Truality). You can force-kill someone by using their name on bold red (example: force-kill Truality). Remember that you can also choose to kill none. You can null your vote by saying null on the correct format.
      • Do not hide your votes on spoilers or complicate your posts with a lot of tags and colored text. Keeping it simple not only helps the game host to tally votes but you also make yourself more clear.
      • DO NOT POST in the game thread if you have been eliminated. You can still talk on the reception thread, but do not give game-throwing hints after your elimination. (note: eliminated players are those who died by vote, feasted on or by being tapped twice)
    • Common Rules
      • Stay active everyday and don't stay inactive for too long. If you usually do, then you will soon find that you have been replaced.
      • Be a good member and don't get yourself banned during a game from ANY kind of action outside this specific game (on the forums). Being banned instantly puts you on replacement.
      • Submit your Night Moves because if you don't, you will be considered afk and the game host can replace you without warning.
      • Do not exploit things that can make you win by cheating. Instead, inform the game host so that they can be prevented or improved in the future.
      • Do not over-exhaust yourself. Keep it cool as it's always a game and don't be overreacting or becoming too sensitive about something.

    • The Game Host judges all participants and if they see someone violating any of the above rules, they will be punished with a varying action depending on the gravity of the situation. They can be from replaced after a warning to permanently banned from all H.I. games.

    • If you want to host a H.I. game yourself, you need to contact the master host (that would be me), and we can talk and if accepted, you can host one. This rule will be valid after the first game ends.

    Games list

    Game I - commencing Signup phase | entering Confirmation phase | initiating Role presentations - Game thread
    This is my December . . .