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    The Walrein Clan

    Welcome, welcome, to the Walrein Clan. Firstly, let us just say that we are
    delighted that you have taken the time to look at our thread.

    Many of you may be wondering what prompted us to create a clan with Walrein as
    the mascot. Well, that's simple; have you ever seen a walrus more regal? It's
    appearance reflects that of a lion, its great mane shooting fear into all those who
    oppose it. And just as it has done with its domain, we too, shall rule over PC's
    competitive battling scene.

    For those of you who don't yet know, a clan, when related to gaming, is a group of
    gamers that enjoy playing with and against each other. Our goal is to present you
    with the fun battles you're used to, as well as to provide a means for you to bond
    with the community. We accept all types of battlers, whether new or experienced.
    If you're powerful, you make us more powerful. If you're new to things, we will take it upon ourselves, as a family, to make you stronger.

    So, without further ado, here it is, The Walrein Clan.

    Clan News

    - Congratulations to Rednael, who was recently promoted to the Advanced Member, 1st Class, rank!
    - Welcome back, TheBowsinator, to the Walrein Clan!
    - In the midst of the calm, a war between The Walrein Clan and the Sacred Wings Clan is brewing! If you'd like to participate, make a post, asking for a tryout!

    Clan Rules

    • Follow all PokéCommunity and Tournaments & Events rules.
    • While WiFi-only battlers are allowed, it is recommended that you battle on PC's Pokémon Online Server. As a disclaimer; WiFi battlers are unlikely to reach success within this clan.
    • Respect your fellow battlers, both those in this clan, and those in rival clans. We will be civil.
    • If a war roster is filled up, do not ask to be on it. This will almost guarantee that you won't be on it.
    • Do not ask for a positional promotion. We will promote you once you attain the prerequisites of a higher rank, or as the Leaders and Co-Leaders see fit.
    • Once you join the clan, we expect you to be reasonably active. Failure to do so may result in your ejection from the clan completely. Unlike those of our Retired rank, you will be completely erased from our roster.
    • Failure to abide by the clan's rule may result in ejection from the clan. For the terms of ejection, read one bullet above.
    • After a clan battle, make a post saying so in order to get the experience points you have earned. If you see that this post has not been updated since your last post, please add your total number of wins and losses together and include them in your latest post.

    Sign Up Form

    Forum Username:
    Server Username:

    Default sprites can be found here. You can also provide a custom sprite. If no sprite is specified, you will be assigned the sprite of Hilbert by default.


    PC Username: Anti
    PO Username: Anti
    Rank: Leader
    EXP: 80

    PC Username: XEL
    PO Username: XEL
    Rank: Leader
    EXP: 420

    PC Username: Yoshikkko
    PO Username: Yoh
    Rank: Adv. Member - 1st Class
    EXP: 605

    PC Username: Rednael
    PO Username: AENAR
    Rank: Adv. Member - 1st Class
    EXP: 520

    PC Username: Dark Azelf
    PO Username: Jamezelf
    Rank: Member - 1st Class
    EXP: 185

    PC Username: AlexOzzyCake
    PO Username: AlexOzzyCake
    Rank: Member - 2nd Class
    EXP: 130

    PC Username: ShinySalamence888
    PO Username: ShinyMence
    Rank: Member - 2nd Class
    EXP: 105

    PC Username: Roswell
    PO Username: Lucia
    Rank: Member - 2nd Class
    EXP: 100

    PC Username: TheBowsinator
    PO Username: Hobbes2
    Rank: Retired
    EXP: 60

    PC Username: Musica
    PO Username: Musica
    Rank: Member - 2nd Class
    EXP: 10

    PC Username: cycle
    PO Username: cycle
    Rank: Newbie
    EXP: 0

    PC Username: Sirius
    PO Username: Wes
    Rank: Newbie
    EXP: 0

    Ranking System

    When you join this clan, you'll start out with the Newbie rank. Through battling and community involvement you can quickly climb the ranks and be a top notch battler here in the clan. Each time you win a battle you'll gain 10 experience points. Depending on who you battle, the number of points can increase. If you defeat someone with 100 more experience points than yourself, you will earn 15 experience points, as opposed to the usual 10. In addition, if you defeat someone with 200 or more experience points than you, you will earn 20 points instead. If you lose or tie a battle, you will gain 5 EXP points, regardless. Aside from normal battles, you may also earn experience from participating in clan wars, as well as win extra experience through tournaments. The ranks of our clan are as follows:

    Newbie A new initiate. Just starting out, and hasn't earned any experience as of yet. Members with the Newbie rank are ineligible for a roster spot during clan wars.
    Member 2nd Class After earning minimal experience points. Demonstrates that you are at least interested. [10 Exp.]
    Member 1st Class After earning an appropriate amount of experience points. Demonstrates that you are serious about being apart of the Walrein Clan. [150 Exp.]
    Advanced Member 2nd Class After earning an handful of experience points. You are no longer an amateur. [300 Exp.]
    Advanced Member 1st Class After earning an appreciable amount of experience points. You are one of the clan's better battlers. [500 Exp.]
    Elite After earning a respectable amount of experience points. You are one of the clan's best battlers and we all know it. Your name is definitely one to watch out for. [750 Exp.]
    Legend After earning an almost unfathomable amount of experience points. You are the créme de la créme, a prized jewel of the clan. Your prowess speaks for itself. [1500 Exp.]
    Council A voluntary prestige rank given only to those who have won a clan tournament, in spite of tough competition from their clan mates. [750 Exp. minimum]
    High Council A voluntary prestige rank given only to those who have won and hosted clan tournament. [1200 Exp. minimum]
    Co-Leader Obtainable only through promotion by a Leader. Entails that you are a very helpful member within the clan. Co-Leaders assist Leaders in everyday clan activity.
    Leader Unobtainable rank, unless through promotion from Co-Leader after a Leader becomes retired. Manage the everyday activities of the clan. Accepts new members, decides on clan wars, etc.

    Retired For the members that've obtained a rank other than Newbie within the clan, but then leave the clan.

    Clan Events

    Current Events
    Walrein vs. Sacred Wings War

    Walrein's Starting Roster
    • Yoshikkko
    • Rednael
    • Dark Azelf
    • ?
    • ?

    Walrein's Bench Roster
    • XEL
    • Roswell
    • ?

    Past Events
    Walrein Image Vote


    Current Image: 1; New Image: 3

    Also, you can support our clan by placing any of the following images in your signature for the entire forums to see!