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Originally Posted by agentgeo
Looks good to me. One question, though. Will you be loading the OW sprites for the events?
Of course, I would hate looking at those for events XD

Originally Posted by link12552
Man it's fun watching a program grow!

P.S. ZodiacDaGreat I have an idea for implementing this with NSE:
you could pass the image offset and the multiple palette offsets of a tileset into NSE, allowing for tile-set editing where you could toggle in between palettes as you edit!

Let me know what you think, or what you think we should do, so I can get coding
It is aye Uhm, for tilesets.. Yeah, I'm not sure if I can pass the entire structure cause that would be better, but I'll just pass the offset of the current tileset to your tool, then you could read the whole structure and then load everything up. It would be cool if you can combine some of my stuff from my Door Manager tool and possible add in support for editing animations, so everything's in one place right?