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Originally Posted by ChaosSonic View Post
I'm just loving this story through and through. That's why I'm always happy to hear the planning of a hack/fan-game before anything now. It's like that game Shadow the Hedgehog....except nowhere near as broken and crappy as that game. This is leagues better in having branching sides and all.
'Branching' is sort of the wrong word. What happens is that there are five stories, each dependent on the gang you decide to join near the beginning of the game. However, these stories can be altered in terms of difficulty or overall ending by secondary choices you make - which aren't necessarily connected to the storyline you're playing. It's quite difficult to explain and the best way to learn about is to play it - something that I can't let anyone do just yet. I need to build more before I do that - and since most of the action takes place in cities and towns, progress is kind of slow.

Originally Posted by WillPowerPedro View Post
This is great! I guessing different story lines need alot of superscripts? Good luck!
It's not quite as hard as it sounds. There's one variable that gets set to anything from 0x0 to 0x4, depending on which gang you join, and the story runs from there. It gets slightly trickier when you do things like activate Spearow Hate You mode, which require near-continual checks to see if you've set a certain flag, but the only really hard bit is keeping track of everything in my head. The actual scripting's fairly simple.

Originally Posted by zealot
All right! I'm really excited for this, having played and enjoyed Snakewood many times. This hack looks to be one of the most ambitious ones out there, and I like that you're sticking to your guns about graphics. Good luck to you!
Thanks. I put off starting Keratin for ages, actually, precisely because it was so ambitious and I was slightly scared of its complexity. Now I've discovered it's not that bad.

Originally Posted by ultimatedood
Whoa that looks awesome. Nice work on the hack!
I'm glad you think so.


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