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I never posted in this thread which I'm shocked.

I like both shows equally and I have my reasons for it. I like Digimon for the story plot and how each Digimon have multiple personalties even when they evolve. In each season, there is a new main character and new companions as well as a new story plot going into them. Most seasons seem to have a small connection to the older series of the Digimon. I also enjoy the video games of the show as well since they seem to change up each story in it.

I love Pokemon because it's Pokemon. The series of Pokemon has mainly one main character which is just Ash. As much as I love Pokemon, it would be great for them to switch it up. As much as I love the Digimon opening songs, I love how Pokemon seems to switch up their songs for each generation. They travel more then how Digimon travel but there was one thing that I liked more about Digimon then Pokemon, I liked how the Digimon can talk and not just keep repeating their names like in Pokemon. The Tamer can understand their Digimon more then how Trainers do.

Another reason why I love both Pokemon and Digimon is because I grew up with both of these shows. I love them to death and I still do.