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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
I want to find a better place to put it. Right now, the image showing if it's physical/special/status appears a frame before the rest of the screen is loaded. :\ I mean, it's not that bad. I just don't love it.

Change these bytes:
@0813A130: 0x2F
@0813A17B: 0x47
@0813A1A0: [Pointer to Routine, plus 1 (one).]
Here's the source:
.align 2
	push {r0-r4}
	ldr r0, .CurMoveIndex
	ldrb r1, [r0]
	lsl r1, r1, #1
	ldr r0, .Move_List
	add r0, r0, r1
	ldrh r3, [r0]
	lsl r0, r3, #1
	add r0, r0, r3
	lsl r0, r0, #2
	ldr r1, .MoveBase
	add r0, r0, r1
	ldrb r4, [r0, #10]
	lsl r0, r4, #1
	add r4, r4, r0
	lsl r4, r4, #6
	ldr r0, .SplitImages
	add r0, r4
	ldr r1, .VRAM
	mov r2, #0x30
	swi #0xB
	ldr r0, .SplitImages
	add r0, r4
	add r0, #0x60
	ldr r1, .VRAM
	mov r2, #0x1E
	lsl r2, #0x04
	add r1, r1, r2
	mov r2, #0x30
	swi #0xB
	pop {r0-r4}
	ldr r4, .Some_Offset
	ldr r0, [r4]
	ldr r1, .Return_Addr
	bx r1

.align 2
.MoveBase:		.word 0x08250C04
.CurMoveIndex:	.word 0x0203B16D
.Move_List:		.word 0x02003268

.VRAM:			.word 0x06001800
.SplitImages:	.word 0xYYYYYYYY

.Some_Offset:	.word 0x0203B148
.Return_Addr:	.word 0x0813A17C+1
Change the .SplitImages (0xYYYYYYYY) pointer to where ever you have the images.
The images are uncompressed. And should look like this:
They need to be in this order. Use TileMolester or something to insert them.
They use the same palette as the Types, which is located at 0x08E95DBC in a clean FireRed ROM. :)
I have a problem with this...

The images appear fine while outside battle...

but, if we check summary screen while in battle, all attacks have physical icon...

could you fix this problem?


EDIT: It works fine even it's in battle after I use Jambo's fix code...

thank you~
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