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I'm looking forward to it ;)

In the upcoming town (Feborough Town) I've planned to try and make the style of posting different. Meaning it will all of a sudden not be a "chaptered" RP, and you'll be playing in the same timeline, like in most RPs here. I'm not sure that this will work, since it could be difficult to switch from the two, haha. But in Foreigners, people wrote rather independent, long posts when out on the routes or battling at a gym, and could interact in other situations.

What do you guys think of this? The thought behind it is to not just make this your own story, but give it the feeling of being an actual interactive RP a bit more.

If things get messy or confusing somehow (there's 8 of you after all!!), a good idea would perhaps be to state in the OOC thread that you're ok with others interacting with your character in the particular town, and then maybe decide with other players where you'll meet each other.

All this because joint posts normally only include 2 people and take an eternity to make.

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