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I got bored, so I made this. I'll probably add to it as I find out more about NSBMD. Hm, maybe not.
List of Material IDs:
Twinleaf Town:
	0x0 - Bottom part of leaves. Maybe stumps too? (ID: conttree_b_lm52)
	0x1 - Top of the trees (ID: conttree_t_lm52)
	0x2 - Doorstop (ID: hage_lm27) Oh you, Game Freak…^^
	0x3 - Fence (ID: imped_lm51)
	0x4 - Water - PURE water ^^ (ID: lake_lm34)
	0x5 - Water approaching shore. (ID: lakep_lm3)
	0x6 - Your average, everyday neatly mowed grass. (ID: ngrass_lm42)
	0x7 - Flowers. (ID: nhana_lm59)
	0x8 - Main dirt…or "sand". (ID: nsand_lm52)
	0x9 - Dirt fringes - or "curb". (ID: nsandp_lm70)
	0xA - Puddle apparently… (ID: puddle_b_lm8)
	0xB - Jump-into-sea ledge, e.g. where you select SURF. (ID: seaside3_lm55)
	0xC - A NORMAL freaking tree… (ID: tree01_lm48)
	0xD - Forest Floor. I don't even care. (ID: tshadow_lm13)
List of Polygon IDs:
Twinleaf Town:
	0x0 - *Almost* every tree in town.
	0x1 - Flowers.
	0x2 - Fence surrounding flowers.
	0x3 - Dirt fringes.
	0x4 - Main dirt path.
	0x5 - Door-mat tile.
	0x6 - Select SURF here. Water's edge. I dunno how to explain clearer.
	0x7 - The bottom of the trees, and the stumps? (southeastern corner)
	0x8 - The tops of the trees of 0x7. WTH
	0x9 - All the grass in this little town.
	0xA - Forest Floor.
	0xB - Edge of Pond.
	0xC - Inside of Pond.
	0xD - Essence of Pond? I don't know.
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