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[In fact, no. I'm blanking this long post, because I need to curb myself.

I am, admittedly, incredibly high-strung. I get overly energetic, put too much intensity into what I do. That applies to everything, be it running, driving, eating, or even things like schoolwork, or debating on the Internetz.

Earlier, I was hesitant to do this. I was afraid that if I yielded, others would see me as weak, would think that it was a simple cop-out because I've run out of responses. Honestly, I figured it would be hypocritical to advocate perseverance and energy, while at the same time dropping out simply because I'm afraid of getting too into a discussion.

And yet here it is, and there I go.

I sincerely apologize for all the grief I've caused, and will try to restrain from causing any more in the future. I need to remember to dial myself back a few notches, to realize that not everybody goes through life as I do, to remember that most people think that constant energy is undesirable.

I will make a better attempt to calm down later, so that I can debate with a cooler head. I thought I'd made progress by showing restraint instead of unbridled, and incredibly sloppy, emotion, but it seems like I still need to lose a few degrees and a few pounds in the head before I can discuss such things with others.

Once again, I apologize.

Shanghai out.]

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