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    Reason for Joining: The first starter I choose in every generation is fire type... It's an amazing type!

    ☼According to you, which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?
    The fully-evolved starters because they're always the strongest for me.

    ☼Which Fire type starter do you like the most?
    Definitely Torchic.

    ☼Which Fire type legendary do you like the most?
    Moltres because the rainbow turkey and redundant fire dragon don't appeal to me as much.

    ☼Which is your favourite Fire type move?
    Blaze Kick for sure. It's just because Blaziken learns it.

    ☼Who is your favourite Fire type Gym Leader?
    I would say Flint, but he's an E4 so Flannery is second.

    ☼According to you, which Fire type has the best shiny sprite?

    ☼Do you think Fire types can be successfully used defensively? If yes, how?
    They could if you're smart (I'm not). If you couldn't, what would Magcargo and Torkoal be for? Cannon fodder?

    As for the question:
    Emboar (I asked this question in the quiz game without the HP part...)

    BTW: Nice intro

    Challenges in progress:
    Monotype Rock
    Boldore Lv. 33 Dwebble Lv. 32 Tirtouga Lv. 32
    I need to update faster...