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Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
I get what you're jabbing at, and I do agree that religion can potentially be dangerous, but not in its entirety.

I believe that religion is just a scapegoat for all these conflicts, and religion is used solely as a reason for these people to cause those wars. There also have been numerous conflicts which didn't involve religion, such as Mongol invasions and Stalin's execution of 20 million people (not to mention tens and even hundreds of conflicts in Eastern Asia alone).
Well I didn't say every conflict included religion.

For other reasons atheists might consider religion an enemy. This. This. This.This.This.This.This.This.

Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
[As for confirmation, there is no "list" that keeps the record of who has been confirmed or not, unless you can provide a counter-example for it, in the form of a picture or whatever that'll convince me to think otherwise. Excommunication that you've mentioned is what happened in the middle ages, which is obsolete by now. If you truly want to distance yourself away from God, then just don't let these thoughts get into your head.
1. Yes there is. The Arch Diocese or local church keeps records of each Confirmation. I don't have authorization to view private files. Sorry.
2. Excommunication is still the CCC, so no, it's no 'obsolete'.MODERN EXCOMMUNICATION
3. List of Excommunicated people. Including 21st century.
4. It's a personal preference, which I've already explained.