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    @ Shiny Raichu: I like her! I kind of hate the "surface-deep" lyrics she has going on with the lyrics in her songs but her voice is so lifting, especially on live. Grats on her for sweeping every award she was nominated for. <3

    I had a hold on the film A Separation. Best film I've seen for this Oscars season (though I haven't seen much else), and may as well be the one of the best films I've seen yet. I was glued to my seat for two hours that seemed to pass by unnoticed. Not to mention the life-like acting. :3

    I watched Midnight In Paris that other day too. Sweet and amusing to say the least, and I liked it. Great music too. It won't win Best Picture though, methinks. Although now I find myself singing quite a bit of Cole Porter now and then.