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I'll also do this by type.

Normal: Probably Dodrio. Its just very weird.
Fighting: Mienshao. Its design just bugs me so much for ssome reason.
Flying: Hoppip. Nuff said.
Poision: Weedle obviously. Stupid poison sting.
Ground: Claydol. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its an ancient jar thing.
Rock: Shuckle. Its as solid as a rock but can't attack.
Bug: Venomoth. All those stupid powder moves really get on my nerves.
Ghost: Spiritomb. A rock with fog coming out. Seriously, Nintendo? Not even fog with fog arms?
Steel: Mawile. A seemingly powerful pokemon but nonetheless not thhe best.
Fire: Most likely Vulpix. Not many uses compared to others.
Water: Poliwag. "Go Poliwag! Use BUBBLE!" *The BUBBLES were popped.*
Grass: Victreebe. Just... creepy.
Electric: Manectric. Always getting destroyed by its static ability.
Psychic: Unown. I really see no point in it.
Ice: Smoochum. Don't even get me started.
Dragon: Kingdra. Invulnerable to all the common, powerful moves.
Dark: Carvanha. *Blaziken was hurt by ROUGH SKIN.* *Blaziken was hurt by ROUGH SKIN.* *Blaziken was hurt by ROUGH SKIN.* *Blaziken was hurt by ROUGH SKIN.*AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

~coming soon~