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    Quicksand you are pending. Like you said, you'll finish it tommarow. Just wanted to clarify that I saw it. Good job so far! I just knew someone would sign up with the jokester of the crew if I waited long enough. And I'm the sarcastic. xD Just out of curiousity, have you RP'd before?

    Okay, I'll be back at school tommarow, most likely, so I'll start it as soon as Quicksand gets the rest of his SU up. Yay, we're so close!

    So I'll work on the first few areas, the pokemon we can catch, ect. Lets all work hard to make this RP finish! I've had one finish before, and I know how hard it is. Mick Fizz was in it for most of it, but then he got so busy in RL he had to drop out, or whatever it was, I forget. Anyways, this was suppost to be a awesome pep-talk, but I fail at those. So it looks like we have one seriously awesome crew, even if half of us are playing 3 charcters, most of us 2, I think we'll all do good. And it makes everyone more evolved.

    And my hopes are that we'll all talk here in the OOC, for planning, expressing difficulties in your posting, if you just wanna talk as long as we don't go too far off topic, ect. Because I hate having my OOC's dieing, or being mostly unused. So yeah, here's to hoping!

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