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    The Lunavi Region: A region full of exotic monsters known as Pokémon. Humankind plays with them, battles with them against others and they help each other. There has always been a balance between Pokémon and humans. The creatures were a major part of everyday live. Tournaments were held for the best “Pokémon Trainers”. There were little serious issues in the world, aside from evil organizations and bad willing people wanting to use Pokémon to accomplish their goals. The world has been terrorized by the Pokémon-stealing gang Team Rocket, the continents have almost been changed by Team Magma and Team Aqua, a whole new world would have been created if Team Galactic had achieved their goals, an evil man would have dictated the world if his plan had succeeded… All these people have been stopped. Stopped, by a young, talented boy or girl with a passion for Pokémon. Now is the time for such a person to rise. Again.

    Hi there! My name is P-Sign (AKA Pharetra) and I'm the lead developer of this fangame. Over the past few years I have been actively working on this project, thanks to your great support. It all started back in 2010, when I stopped ROM-hacking and learned about RPG Maker XP. Thanks to some good friends (Looking at you, Chris, Luka, Olivier and Ryan!) I learned quite a lot about the software and started working with Essentials. This game had a few different names in the past: first it was known as Pokémon Climate Clash, then Pokémon Deep Balance, and now, after a lot of visual updates and just as much updates to the storyline, it is known as Pokémon Nova Luna.

    I have learned so much the last few years thanks to this project and I think I can say that I have become a way better artist and maybe person thanks to this fangame. I am very proud that I am able to present this to you and I hope you will have loads of fun playing it. Enjoy!

    Our hero is a teenager living in the calm Neta Village. Our protagonist isn’t the ordinary teenager though: His dad, a generous man admired by many, is one of the best Pokémon Trainers in the region. He has developed a strong bond with his Pokémon and made his way to the finals of the Pokémon League in the year 2017. He managed to win the tournament, not because of the raw power his Pokémon had, but because of their bond, stronger than diamond. He was The Champion for about a year. In 2018 he had to defend his title in the final of the Pokémon League. To everyone’s surprise, businessman Duncan made it to the final battle. Duncan was known to be a decent Pokémon trainer, but good enough to come this far? The region was excited to see our hero’s dad and Duncan go to the peak of Mount Vibal, Hawk’s Peak, a legendary peak in the Vibal Mountain Range where Pokémon battles have been held for over a decade. Many Trainers became a legend on this peak.

    The Lunavi Region, a vast region with many different biomes.

    This time, however, is different. Not in the way the battle went, it was very close. Duncan was holding its own against our hero’s dad. No, it was different in the way it ended…

    The Lurna Region has changed. All you see is peace, but that is a mere shadow from the truth. Fear, crime, danger: It’s everywhere. Yet you do not see it. No one sees it.

    Our hero emerges from the shadows of his or her father when he and Duncan disappear. Travelling through the whole Lunavi Region, our protagonist embarks on a journey. Bigger than he or she would have imagined.

    On his adventure, our hero has to find out what in the world happened to his dad and his challenger. Defeat Pokémon Gyms, unravel mysteries and rescue your father. But watch out, as no one knows what awaits in the shadows…


    The trailer:

    These screenshots are from Pokémon Nova Luna v5 and may contain content not included in v4.

    A few YouTube users played Nova Luna v4. Watch their Let's Play's (Three different languages!) in this official Nova Luna playlist:



    P-Sign / Pharetra

    P-Sign/Pharetra is the lead developer, graphics artist, mapper, composer, eventer and coder.

    -No other active members. If you would like to help me out, send me a PM


    Pokémon Nova Luna has reached the fifth milestone. Version 5 is now available for download.

    Work for Version 6 will be resumed in a month.
    Project is dead. See this post.


    These download links are for Pokémon Nova Luna v5.

    Mediafire - Pokémon Nova Luna Version 5


    This game was made with help or resources from the following people. Please send me a PM if you're not on this list.

    Luka S.J.

    Flaming Bravery
    Major Pokemon Black and White Animation Ripping Project