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    Originally Posted by Zerix View Post
    I got excited when the new version retained my save file. However, in order to get past the bug, I still had to restart. I must say, the beginning is much more well done (yay no misleading unclimbable staircase!)

    Unfortunately, I ran into another, rather large bug: after the initial conversation with the mom, when the protag leaves the house, the sound cuts out and it has yet to come back for me. I don't personally mind playing without sound, but it's generally considered kind of important.

    EDIT: Found another bug: now I cannot overwrite save games. It tells me that the save failed every time.
    That's rather strange. Are you sure your sound is turned on? If yes, can you press F1 while running the game and tell me if the "Play BGM and ME" box is ticked on?

    Also, is there someone else with this error?

    About the other bug, is the old savefile the savefile from an old version?
    If it is, go to Users/[yournamehere]/Saved Games/Pokemon Deep Balance/ (assuming you're using Win7) and delete the files located there. The problem will probably be solved then. If it isn't there, search for Game.rxdata (make sure it's in a folder of Deep Balance!) and delete it.