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    i finished lol

    Name: Johnny Sylvester.

    Age: Fifteen.

    Gender: Male.

    Position: Co-leader.

    Appearance: Being quite petite for his age, Johnny only stands at a measly five feet and four inches. His hair is a deep, dark brown that’s cut short on the sides, but flips up in the front. His eyes are almost as dark as his hair and his lips are of average volume. His face is free of scars or any other imperfection, causing him to be quite egotistical at times.

    While running around town causing havoc, Johnnys usual attire consists of a pair of black jeans that hug tightly around his legs and a tucked, white button-up. Wrapping around his neck is a thin silver chain that a cross dangles from. On his left hand, he usually pairs his necklace with a two-finger cross ring. Its not that Johnny is particularly religious, its just that he likes the look. For added flare, he also wears a bow-tie and suspenders.

    Personality: Known as the comic-relief of Team Rosecrystal, Johnny is quite the funny boy. While he can crack a joke every now and then, his real forte lies in pulling pranks. Sadistic, snarky, and testy, he loves pushing people buttons. Due to his undying love for mischief, Johnny has a small amount of close friends. Even though almost everything that spews from his mouth is laced with sarcasm, he truly loves his friends and pokemon.

    During a battle, Johnny will do as much as he can to not only eliminate his opponent, but to also humiliate them. He views life as a joke and never takes anything too seriously. Besides his pokemon, Johnny also takes pride in his appearance. Not only does he enjoy dressing himself up, but also keeping his pokemon looking the best they can.

    History: Growing up on the islands of Canalave City, Johnny fell in love with the ocean at a young age. The fusion of the industrial lifestyle and tropical scenery made the young boys heart fill with admiration. His mother was a librarian and his father worked and trained at the Canalave Gym. Preferring battles over research, Johnny spent much of his time watching his father and Byron fight against the young challengers. Oddly, it was Byron who Johnny felt closest to.

    One night while traveling along a tattered bridge, Johnny and Byron had decided to camp out on one of the more rural islands of Canalave. Examining a nearby stream, a glimmer of light shimmered from the bottom. Upon closer inspection, the two realized it was a lone Finneon enjoying a midnight snack. After minutes of pleading and begging, Byron battled the winged fish pokemon. Once captured, the Finneon and Johnny had become inseparable.

    Months later, news that Johnnys father was having an affair with his mother swept through town. Embarrassed, ashamed, and heartbroken, his emotions began to spiral downward. His actions became erratic and his personality began to shift. But with Byron, he always reverted back to his old, chipper ways.

    Fortunately, Byron had saved up enough money for the two of them to take a vacation in the faraway land of Hoenn. Staying in Rustboro City, the booming metropolis offered many different activities. Wanting to take in as much of the scenery as he could, the two traveled up and down the various routes. In the afternoon, Johnny and Byron had stopped to have lunch. Unfortunately, the two were being persistently bothered by an annoying Taillow. Pulling out his pokeball, Byron stopped him and handed him a different one. Confused, the boy tossed the ball and a small Shieldon beamed out. Ecstatic, Johnny battled the Taillow. Hurling an empty pokeball, the bird was eventually caught.

    Weeks later, Johnny and Byron returned to Sinnoh and continued on with their everyday life. The two began to grow apart, up to the point where they hardly spoke. Unfortunately, this triggered Johnny to fall back into his maniacal ways. He treated his pokemon badly and lashed out on humans while placing himself on a pedestal. Angry at the world, he began to partake in petty thievery. While a pokemon show took place in Canalave, dragon breeders gathered in close parameters. Sneaking in, Johnny managed to steal an egg.

    Retreating before he was caught, Johnny now resides with Team Rosecrystal in the Zivito region. Keeping to himself, he only wishes to please any male that is superior to him. Although he is one of the more important members, he hardly interacts with his teammates. Often, he can be found alone, reminiscing of his past.

    Sampson the Male Lumineon.
    Level: Thirty-seven.
    Attacks: Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Double Team, Gust, Round, Water Pulse.
    Bio: Caught by Byron when he was just a Finneon, Sampson always keeps calm and collected. He was Johnnys first pokemon and knows that deep down, Johnny is still the kind-hearted boy that he once knew.

    Mama the Female Bastiodon.
    Level: Thirty-four.
    Moves: Ancient Power, Fissure, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Take Down, Wide Guard.
    Bio: Only recently nicknamed, Mama is the most responsible of the group. Although her out outer exterior may seem rough, she is a very loving pokemon. She was a gift from Byron.

    Sylvester the Male Swellow.
    Level: Twenty-eight.
    Attacks: Arial Ace, Double Team, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Rage, Round.
    Bio: Usually seen perched atop Mamas head, Sylvester is an extremely mischievous bird. Even as a Swellow, hes just as reckless and cocky as ever. Byron named him after Johnny because of their similar personalities.

    Chico the Male Axew.
    Level: Twenty-three.
    Moves: Assurance, Dig, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Leer, Slash.
    Bio: The newest member of the team, Chico is still a youngster. Hes very inexperienced with battle and gets frightened very easily. Recently, he seems to be taking after Sylvester in the personality department.
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