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I am posting what I hev so far. Enjoy it. :3
EDIT: Think I'm done~

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of - Nakuzami's SU

Main Information:

Name: Krystal Kollyns

Age: 17
Height & Weight: See Appearance;Physical
Location: Washington D.C., USA
Atlantean Tattoo:

<Pic Here> Krystal's tattoo looks a bit like a winged heart that radiates out from a crystal in the center. It is located on the outside of her left thigh.
Krystal is caucasian, stands at about five feet nine inches and weighs about one hundred twenty-five pounds. She has long, dirty blonde hair that goes about halfway down her torso. She has hazel eyes. She is tall and somewhat thin, but still looks pretty fit and pulling off the 'pretty' look. She is rather physically fit, having some muscle although it's not very apparent.

Krystal wears a light blue beanie with a purple flower design on it, or sometimes a Jake the Dog hat. She usually wears a light blue tank top with the same flower, and when it's cold she wears a cream colored hoodie with brown faux fur. Sometimes she wears blue and black striped fingerless gloves that reach her elbows. She usually wears blue jeans and blue converse with a purple flower that matches her hat and tank top. She has Pokéball headphones and a Kingdom Hearts necklace. She carries a white and black chekerboard backpack adorned with many pins. x x x x x

Krystal is a rather optimistic person, always trying to find the good in things even when there is none. She loves to laugh and try and make others do the same, and she'll try to always wear a smile, even if she's really bothered by something. She has an okay sense of humor, having her fair share of genius and epic failures. She is pretty good at reading the emotions of others, and she will normally go out of her way to cheer somebody up. As of late she has been having more and more lucid dreams, which seems odd to her, as she's rarely had them before.

On top of her lucid dreams, Krystal has been plagued by nightmares lately. It's made worse by the fact that it is lucid, so she has total control of her dream self but not the nightmare itself. People have always told her that she has an overactive imagination, and perhaps she does. This imagination has a tendency to get her in trouble, but it's also good for figuring out problems and for certain hobbies. Krystal's not the best judge of character, but she has learned a thing or two in her time in school. She's also not the brightest person overall, being pretty lame in most every subject, although she is fairly good at History and seems to have a natural talent for Psychology.

Some of Krystal's hobbies include designing, singing, dancing, acting, cosplay, reading, psychology, soccor and track. She is a pretty good designer, and she learns from one of her friends, Kasey Arashi, whom is a few years older than her and is an incredible designer. As far as singing and dancing go, she's not the greatest but she's still pretty good at it. She's written a few original songs, and going along with that she's an okay writer, especially when paired with her imagination. She's a rather good actress, and she even auditioned for a television show once, although her nerves got the best of her. It goes along with the fact that a few of her friends got her into cosplaying a few years ago, and thanks to her designing skills she has an outfit for just about every well known, and a few lesser known, characters out there. In school she was on both the soccor and track teams, and so she is pretty fit and fast from that. Lastly, she has a natural talent for psychology, allowing her to understand others better than most.
Krystal was born in the suburbs of New York State, threeyears before her brother, Kris. There they were raised with a fairly averagelife, which neither of them minded too much. They weren’t rich, but neitherwere they poor, and they were rather spoiled children even without beingmillionaires. They lived in a medium-size house with their mother and father,whom were both kind and friendly people, practically friends with everyone inthe neighborhood. Their mother was awriter and a Creative Writing teacher at their school. Their father was the artteacher, but he also started a small restaurant with some good friends.

Krystal and her brother went to a public school whichaveraged about three hundred and fifty students per grade. There Krystal was abit of a social butterfly, whereas Kris was a bit more of a recluse and seemedto prefer to make friends over the internet, mainly on forum sites like thePokécommunity and the like. While Kris spent most of his time on videogamesand the internet, Krystal was always hanging out with friends or doing somethingoutdoors. One of her best friends, Destiny Saviouer, seemed to be the polaropposite of her, yet they got along swimmingly, which always perplexed everyoneelse.

While Krystal was never too great in school, unlikeher “boy genius” brother with his perfect grades, she excelled in other things.She always had a natural talent for psychology, which she took for grantedbecause she had little interest in becoming a psychologist or something of thelike, and this allowed her to read others rather well, or at least what theywere feeling. She wasn’t the greatest judge of character, which gave her morethan a few issues, but more on that later. She was also pretty good at singing,dancing, designing, and acting. She learned to be a designer from Kasey Arashi,whom was the elder sister of one of Kris’s friends, Sainan. They were aJapanese family, which Krystal decided automatically earned them some points,and it excited another one of Kris and her friends, Shun, to no end. Kasey wasan incredible designer, and she even went to college for it and showed greatpromise, and she was only too happy to show Krystal the ropes. Krystal wasnowhere near as good as Kasey, but she was still pretty great at it.

Krystal would practice her singing and dancing withyet another friend, Melody, whom was also Shun’s girlfriend. Again, she wasnowhere as good as Melody, but she still showed promise. While it took her awhile to learn how to play any instruments, which she decided definitely wasnot her forte; it came completely naturally to Melody. Melody tried to convinceher to join the school choir multiple times, but Krystal wasn’t all thatinterested. She did occasionally audition for a school play or two, though. Shewasn’t as great a dancer as she was a singer or designer, but she outshone amajority of the other kids.

One thing Krystal was perhaps the best at wasacting. She was practically the leader of her Drama Club, and her teachers eventold her that her sketches had to be the best they’d ever seen in their school.It helped that Krystal had an “overactive” imagination, which allowed her toboth create and become characters almost perfectly and seamlessly. This, mixedwith encouragement from some friends, specifically Shun, caused her to get intocosplay. She combined this with her designing skills, although she did get someassistance from Kasey from time to time, and she furthered her acting ability.She could create rather lifelike costumes and take on the persona of characterswith ease, which sometimes really confused other people, especially onHalloween when she had an excuse to run around in ten different costumes.

Of course, Krystal was not without her own problems.As stated earlier, she wasn’t the best judge of character, which led to issuesat times. More than once she found herself hanging out with the wrong kind ofpeople, and there were multiple times when she discovered what certain friendsof hers thought about either her, another person, or a group of people as awhole. A few of those cases revolved around people disliking Destiny’s distantand “Goth” attitude, although she wasn’t Goth at all. Those cases were easilydispatched by Destiny, whom didn’t tolerate things like that. One specificcase, however, was centered around Kasey’s little brother and Kris’s friend,Sainan. Well, let’s just say Sainan had a boyfriend, and certain people didn’tlike that. One day Krystal, her friend Luna, and Sainan were walking hometogether. Not long after Luna left their little party to join her family intheir café, the Krescent Café, Krystal and Sainan ran into some trouble.

Apparently a group of guys had followed them fromschool, and once they were in a rather empty part of town the guys decided tomake their move. They announced themselves by bashing Sainan on the head hardenough to nearly knock him out. Krystal had spun around to see a group of maybefour guys probably around her age or perhaps a few years older. The guys lookedat Sainan with disgust, and they gave Krystal some very sinister smiles. Atthat moment, Krystal reached into her pocket and tapped her phone. . . .

. . . One of the guys grabbed her arm. . . .

. . . And ripped it out of Krystal’s pocket just asshe clicked “send.” The guy had spat at her and told her to not even thinkabout it. From there the guys decided that they’d kick Sainan around some more,giving the boy more than a few nasty bruises, although Krystal did fight back.She couldn’t help but smile when she kicked one right in the groin and causedhim to howl with pain. At that point, they guys had had their fun beatingSainan, and so they turned their attention to her. Let’s just say Krystal hadmany reasons to consider them extreme perverts from that point on.

After much screaming and resisting, and a satisfyingbloody nose she gave to one of the guys, they tried to go further. That waswhen one of the guys dropped to the ground, unconscious. Krystal had looked upto see Destiny, wielding a metal baseball bat that now had a bit of blood onit. All that can be said about those guys after that is that, after a bit oftime in the hospital, they would never be messing with Krystal or any of herfriends again.

When the Atlanteans had revealed themselves,Krystal, her family, and a few of her friends were on vacation in Washington,D.C. The moment that it happened Krystal found herself with a sudden,unbearably painful migraine. It felt like her head was exploding, and it didn’thelp that she had never suffered from migraines before, so she was in no wayprepared for it. The migraine was also accompanied by some extremely disturbingvisions, many of which she couldn’t tell if they were real or just an illusion.The term “overactive imagination” had never applied to her more than at theone, excruciating moment.

Krystal ran, or perhaps it was closer to limped, outof her room and down the hallway. Her parents were out sightseeing, but Kriswas in his own room and her friends had other rooms nearby. On her way to findsome pain pills, or something much stronger as long as it could help, shepassed by Kris’s room and found him in a similar condition. “Similar” meaningthat he was also suffering, although he seemed more like he had all the lifeand goodness in the world sucked right out of him. Krystal would have asked himwhat was wrong, but the pain was too great, so she just continued on. After awhile, her migraine subsided to a bearable level, and she went to Kris. Theysat together for a while, neither of them really wanting to talk about what hadjust happened.

Neither of them was sure of what had happened,although Krystal had some ideas. Some very crazy, impossible ideas conjured upby her apparently extremely overactive imagination. They were all flawed,completely unlikely, impossible, silly and just plain stupid.

Or were they?

Krystal has the power to manipulate the dreams of others. She can weave in nearly anything into the mind of a dreaming person, although someone does not need to be asleep for her to use her abilities. She can create illusions, although she is technically drawing upon her imagination and that of her target. This means she can make multiple people see different things, make a single person see something others don't, and much more. Although, Krystal finds it much more strenuous to work on the minds of multiple people at once, especially if she's making them all see different things. Krystal can also use her imagination to cause 'disturbances' of sorts. She's not very skilled at this, and she can really only create small blasts or explosions of psychokinetic energy.

Positive effects of this ability allow Krystal to control her own dreams, and see the dreams of others. She can also "eat" the dreams of others to boost her own power, both physical and mental, although she needs to work on that. She can also see into the imagination of others, which, if given some practice, could even allow her to read their thoughts. It also enables her to perceive emotions, and a person's loves and fears. By superimposing her thoughts on others, she may also be able to communicate with a form of telepathy. This allows her to share images and senses with another, and also words, but that is a bit harder. Krystal has the potential to do much, much more with this rather flexible ability, but that will require much time, practice, and luck.

Negative effects include the fact that she is plagued by nightmares. The more she influences others, the more she has. If she eats the dreams of another, especially a nightmare, she might receive slight changes in thought and/or personality, at least temporarily. In some cases, if she is sharing her mind with another and one of them is harmed, the other might be affected. Influencing too many people or creating too large an illusion may cause her to faint, or worse, and she may accidently shatter the minds of her targets. There's also the threat of her own mind shattering, especially if she attempts to reach into the deepest recesses of her own mind. There are other side effects, although many of them are as of yet unknown to Krystal.
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Faeries Redux: Beyond the Glass

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