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    Pokemon of all regions
    Puzzles or riddles to advance (to travel to the future will need the essence of Celebi for travel in the time machine).
    New leaders and new medals.
    Everything changed (In the graphic sense).


    Alexmad a young man travels Kanto region to "the Mitic island" created by the legendary Pokemon, some of them, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno ... It's a mystery the creation of the island. when they arrive they realize that the island does not appear in the map which means that created the legendary, though, it's all very mysterious ... To get to your destination will have to get Alexmad the various things that the teacher will ask the island for the legendary not be angry or calm, but during the event severe climatic changes occur. Since you have been being harassed by the enemy teams (Roket, aqua, magma) but how much will be given in that island to come umbreon team led by his boss "¯?".
    La Isla Mitica is being altered by experiments, investigations against law and other, mostly because Umbreon team, one of the main things you should do is help the teacher of the Island
    Our story will bring you many risks and you used the intelligence to the fullest, Be prepared for AWESOME ADVENTURE!

    Mitic island map!!



    Multiple encounters with Legendary.
    Many mysteries that will make you look in different places.
    Great gameplay tested.
    Great variation Scripts & Others.


    ~Areku_San (lex): Without whose support I think this hack did not exist a good number of maps and other script and arrangements.
    Samee: The most professional person in the sprites and tiles I could find.
    KODER :Actually this guy is almost a demi-god .. helped me in many things I have graphics ideas and if I forget something hopefully tell me because I do not want to do less.
    Samee: tiles, most
    kymonotian (kyledove): for if you ever use any of your tiles.
    KODER: insert funds rebound battle without good graphics and more.
    Creativ: Jirachi by the cover.
    Xiros:for helping me and tell me the spelling errors.
    Zelix: also for spelling.
    Peyi:for some of its tiles.
    Zel: for parts of their backsprite (I did but guide me from yours)
    Cedrion: For translate .
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