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    This seems like a great RP! I can't wait to join!

    Name (Self-explanatory.): Necro (pronounced like the word knee at the "ne" part)

    Age (For Knights the age range can be from 15 to 35. For Mechanists the age range can be from 18 to 55): 23 years old

    Gender (Self-explanatory.): genderless (if you are allowing usually genderless pokemon to have them then male)

    Pokemon Species (What are you?): Spirtomb

    Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists (For Mechanist players.): N/A

    Job Title: Knight-Commander

    Appearance (One paragraph required. Make sure to include your weapons/armor for this section.): Looks like a regular Spirtomb when without armor except a slightly darker purple. The armor "he" wears is dark gray and a little beat up and rusty with an oran berry on the front. The armor is tight so it stays on. It has long triangular shoulder-pads above where the arms should be. The armor also has a collar like part to hold onto the gem and the string around it. ("he" can tuck in his "head" with his armor to appear as an ordinary stone)

    Personality (Two paragraphs.): "He" seems a little crazy to most pokemon so other knights tend to avoid "him". "He" is strict about being a Mechanist and will grow suspicious of anyone who mentions them in any way but "the enemy". "He" often bashes technology into walls and such until it is no longer functional if "he" finds some. "He" feels that abandoned cities are "his" homes and actually disired to live in one for awhile.

    "He" enjoys torturing Mechanists and then in front of everyone swallowing them whole. "He" considers souls tasty and the souls of "his" enemies much more sweet. "He" tends to laugh and yell as he torturers "his" enemies. "He" enjoys violence and takes part of it whenever possible. "He" is an expert spy due to "his" ability to hide in stone form and in plain sight. "He" has no pity for Mechanists. Necro prays a little less than most knights.

    History (From childhood to where you are now.): Necro has no idea how or when "he" was born. All "he" and others know is that "he" slept in stone form for about two weeks. One day "he" was found by Mechanists nearby an enclave. It was shown to carried inside the enclave and Necro then woke up. "He" began hitting the Mechanists with attacks and running around. The Mechanists threw him out of the enclave and Necro wandered through the forests and ate random pokemon. ("he" didn't know any better) Eventually, "he" came across the city of Aeroth and was taken up and raised by two knights. "He" was recommended to become a knight due to "his" good spy skills.

    Necro was accepted and immediately ran off and worked with a group of knights attacking the Oak enclave. "He" began heading out with the other knights and being used as a surprise strategy. "He" didn't like this and one day instead of surprising them like "he" was supposed to Necro used Confuse Ray causing half of the opposing force to become confused and then ate that half whole. The knights were surprised as "he" ate them all up and actually stopped what they were doing in surprise when the remaining half ran away in terror. Necro was suggested by most of the knights and was elected in less than a half an hour.

    Necro was very surprised himself that "he" managed to do either of those things. Necro started working in small groups and using "himself" like a bomb, which became "his" signature strategy. "He" respected his teammates very much and made everyone count in a strategy. "He" also works part-time by the cities making sure no Mechanist can come in. (If one trys to, which they often don't) "His" current mission is to infiltrate Aeroth City and check on how far they are progressing in technology.

    Moveset (Only four moves. Mechanists can use TM and HM moves.): Dark Pulse, Ominous Wind, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak

    It's hard keeping up with all the posts! About ten have already been posted since I started writing this! If you want me to edit anything just ask...
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