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Manga 484
I'm laughing a bit at how MangaReader's source for Bleach is all messed up.
I guess they hadn't fully prepared for all the traffic they would get since MangaStream and MangaFox were visited by Viz.
But of course, I'm only laughing about it since I already read this week's chapter.

Ok, so we finally learn that Ivan/Ebern is connected to Vandenreich.
Which means that they're most likely Quincies, too.
But Sasakibe's hopefully not dying words have thrown in a nasty wrench...

And with an addition to Kubo's demented fetish, we get to meet the leader of Vandenreich!
But really, is that going to get another arm? A prosthetic might be cool.

I've updated Kubo's Arm Collection with two new additions.
There's a link on the first post; but be warned, it contains spoilers.