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    RGF, the easiest way to find your calibrated delay is to enter 500 (HGSS) or 600 (DPPT) and then adjust your timer by typing in the delay hit box the the delay that you actually hit. Then, hit update. It will change your calibrated delay. Keep doing this until you are 2-6 delay off of your target and then you should eventually get it. I don't know what to do about the "fluctuating second" since I've never actually tried that.

    For 5th gen wondercards, just go to the E4 Pokemon Center. Then, you start with the initial PIDRNG frame that RNG reporter gives you (will be correct 99% of the time if you go to the E4 Pokemon Center). Then just chatter to your target.

    Challlenge #4: RNG your favorite Pokemon of the fire type!