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Originally Posted by HatTrickster View Post

This is my first post here . I just started playing pokemon white after playing every other gen, and I just started. I am new to all these new pokemon and I was wondering whats a solid team for late game purposes. My team now:


I mainly was going for evolved pokemon
You need someone who can critique your team... Hikari is your girl.

What's with you having two Fighting-types on your team? Don't you know type diversity?

Do you have someone to trade with? If you don't have someone to trade with to get Conkeldurr, then don't use Timburr and keep Throh.

For your sixth member, you should get yourself a Sigilyph. It's a nice Pokemon to use in-game cos of its high Special Attack and Speed. I definitely consider using it since Flying and Psychic is a department you are lacking in and you can catch them in the Desert Resort.

So, going with my Sigilyph suggestion, your team shall eventually be this...

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