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    I looked up to see Beast standing over my fallen body. Flames embodied the entire room as he spit plumes of fiery lava from his mouth. The dark figure that had knocked me to the ground was now lit up from the bright light of the fire. The boy had bright red hair and many freckles spread across his pale face. He looked about my age and had a Pidgey perched on his shoulder. Expecting some sort of apology or at least a hand up from the kid, I just lay there staring at him.

    The boy did nothing but stare at me with a smirk on his face as Beast lunged at him. Caught off guard, the boy was tossed to the ground just as I was only moments before. His Pidgey was caught by one of Beast’s claws and went flying into a corner. Knowing that it was my responsibility to keep Beast from hurting anyone, I jumped to my feat and ran over to where the boy was cowering in the corner and Beast spitting a dark cloud of smoke in his face.

    “Beast, calm down! I’m alright. Look, dude, I’m really sorry Beast did that to you.” I said, coughing through the smoke that was now hanging in the air from the wall of fire that Beast had conjured. Beast stepped back, but was far from calm. I could tell that he was furious at this kid for hurting me, and I can’t say I wasn’t miffed myself. Even though the boy hurt me, I am a nice person, so I decided to help the poor kid out. I held out my hand to offer my assistance and he looked up at me with a terrified look on his face.

    “You need to control your Pokémon better! They aren’t supposed to just come bursting out of their pokéballs like that!” He shouted at me, refusing to take my hand.

    Thinking about it, Beast had never come out of his ball before. I sure didn’t let him out; I was falling to the ground at the time. I thought back to the moment that I hit the ground, and I vaguely remembered the pain in my leg and the crunch I felt on my hip when the impact happened. I looked down at my belt that held my pokéballs to find Beast’s ball shattered, only a few pieces still clinging to my belt.

    “That thing probably broke my arm!” The kid yelled, shoving his arm in the air (which looked perfectly fine to me). Taken aback at his rudeness, I decide to defend myself.

    “You’re the one that knocked me over and shattered my pokéballs! And you haven’t even apologized for it! At least I apologized for what Beast did. You’re just sitting there being rude.” I said as Beast started flexing again, getting angrier as my tone of voice got more aggressive.

    The boy stood up, dusted himself off, and went to the far corner of the room to fetch his fallen Pidgey. He called the bird back into its pokéball and started towards the ladder before turning back to me.

    “I’m sure you’re here for Falkner. He’s through that door there.” He said quickly before I saw his frizzy red hair disappear down the ladder. I turned to where he had pointed to see a door that I had not seen in the dark room during all of the commotion. I looked down at Beast who seemed to have calmed down quite a bit now that the redheaded kid was gone. Beast looked at me with caring eyes, asking if I was hurt in any way.

    “My leg hurts some from where your pokéball shattered, but other than that I’m alright. You OK?” I asked my partner. In return I got a happy snort and a small puff of smoke from his nostrils. We both turned towards the door and turned the knob.

    The door led us to quite a large balcony that overlooked all of Violet City. The balcony wrapped all the way around the top floor of the tower and from this height I had a clear view of the Pokémon Center, the Pokémart, and even the Pokémon gym. I stood there for a few minutes, basking in the beauty of the city that lay before me. I was caught up in the pretty flowers and trees, the well-landscaped houses and yards, and the way the roads twisted and turned through the city when I felt a burning sensation on my right ankle. I quickly lifted my leg up with a yelp and looked down to see Beast blowing a small flame on my leg.

    “Alright, alright. I’m coming. Why do you have to be so impatient?” I said as I reluctantly turned away from the beautiful scenery. Beast and I began to make our way around the balcony until I heard a loud shout.

    “Pidgeotto, use gust!”
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