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All this talk about modifications is starting to make the idea of a Platinum hack that much more intriguing lol. Provided I had any hacking skills atm haha.

His use of held items is a refreshing change of pace from the Sitrus Berries Cynthia and Gary use on their strongest Poke all the time if you ask me lol. That and my Umbreon has a heyday with Cheren's team due to knowing Thief and stealing rather rare items like the Leftovers and Focus Sash for me lol.

I think Nintendo wanted to make Red the highest leveled trainer in the game due to his Pikachu being level 88 I believe but yeah the idea of trainers getting stronger after each battle like with the Hoenn Gym Leaders in Emerald and Barry in Platinum is definitely something to look forward to again lol. I wonder how the random trainer challenge is going to work out though tbh.