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    There are a lot of problems about this community, but the biggest problem lies in all of you. When someone attempts to do something positive, people push against them. What many of you call me is what many of you are: ridiculous.

    I've done some thinking, and here are a few tips on how to improve things around here.

    1. Offer your opinion when asked. I don't care to hear your opinion unless I ask you for your opinion.
    2. Keep your opinions in check. Your opinion only matters if it directly concerns your forum. I don't need to hear a moderator of an off topic forum telling me something about a forum someone else mods in a Pokemon forum. If your opinion mattered there, you would be a moderator there.
    3. Remember that I am an administrator. I've come to learn that you people don't really respect anyone but yourselves, and even then you're so insecure with yourself, you bash other people who aren't included in your little group. I am an administrator. I deserve respect whether you agree with me or not.
    4. Learn to accept when you are criticized. As an administrator, providing my staff with a constant flow of information is important. This information includes your performance. If you simply accept this information rather than challenge it, and work to improving it, perhaps a higher rank will come along down the road.