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Wolf and I have had a lot in the works for awhile now...we are at last ready to start to put this all in motion.

For us though, we want it to be interactive because while there are some things we just want to outright say to everyone, but there are some things we want to discuss because we aren't entirely sure where everyone is on a few things or we're curious about a few trends. This thread is indeed for all of that, but people are awfully shy about posting here, so Wolf came up with the idea of...

The Improvement ComNight! Basically, we would do everything I just mentioned above there. We don't want to oversell it or anything...we aren't doing this for some miracle "forum fix-it" as that is not really its intent. It's not even one of those "let's revive S&M/CBC" threads of old (server version). We just want to get everyone on the same page because we feel like in some cases there has been something of a communication breakdown between staff and members. But we think it will help moving forward. But yes, we don't expect this to be some two-hour test of attrition. It is intended to be fairly brief (though still as in-depth as necessary) but also insightful and involving. And yeah, after that, we'll have some battling stuff like a normal ComNight. We'll do what you guys want, basically.

If everyone is okay with doing it, we want to get on this as soon as possible. Wolf and I are pretty much ready and sometime Sunday evening sounds like an okay time to us. Yeah, time zones are an issue, but we intend to send logs to those absent to fill everyone in, and you can always weigh in afterwards in this thread.

(Hopefully I did good enough explaining what exactly it is this is. :X Wolf will clarify if necessary.)