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We fly to the rubble of ganon's broken castle, and search the place for Shaymin.

ROUGE: Where's Ganon? And where's Shaymin?

DARKPOKEBALL: Oh crud...Link, SOnic, and RGoF must've gotten it!

CHAINSAW MEOWTH: Wait...look! A footprint of Palkia!

ROUGE: And we all know that Final Destination has a Palkia...and his hometown is Pallet town!

*everyone flies to Pallet Town*

DARKPOKEBALL: Hand over the Shaymin!

FD: Make me!

DARKPOKEBALL: Chainsaw Meowth! Slice him up!


CHAINSAW MEOWTH: Darkpokeball...I'll destroy you!

DARKPOKEBALL: FD's Hypno! Oh crud!

*Epic battle between Darkpokeball and Chainsaw Meowth*

*Rouge steals Shaymin*

ROUGE: Now to travel to G.U.N. ...

ROUGE: What the? I can't travel between dimensions? Someone must've shut off the dimensional gate! So...what's this world's version of G. U. N.... Maybe it's Team Rocket?

DARKPOKEBALL: *while fighting Chainsaw Meowth* Wait, they're evil!

*Rouge ignores and flies to Team Rocket hideout with Shaymin*

DARKPOKEBALL: somebody has to battle Team Rocket...heh.
My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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